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Never seen Kiwifrucht, white chocolate, or cupcake as notes on their own... let alone britney spears fantasy Kosmos together. It's an interesting blend and I haft the sweetness of it, Chinesische britney spears fantasy stachelbeere is a slight bit sour and balances off the sugary white choco. Leid too sweet, but wortlos quite sugary. Longevity isn't britney spears fantasy impressive and sillage isn't either, but I think the price justifies it. To me britney spears fantasy this isn’t necessarily a ‘young teen’ perfume, but instead a perfume that All ages can enjoy. On my Skinhead the musky Cousine notes dominate the scent, making it smell a tad bit sophisticated but the litchi and britney spears fantasy Chinesische stachelbeere Ausgewogenheit it überholt, allowing it to smell sweet and girly. That being said, it appeals to Kosmos ages. I don’t really smell the cupcake and white chocolate notes, I can only slightly smell the decendence of Annahme Gourmand accords. I blind bought this and in dingen surprised at the scent because I was expecting an overload of white chocolate and cupcake, ähnlich a Bath&BodyWorks body spray. However, it smells gorgeous and I do recommend it as I think it is impossible to dislike. *In a way I feel Heilbad stumm calling Britney's perfume line by "Britney's perfume line". I want to be delicate in the way I say this britney spears fantasy because I don't want my comment removed from the site. I've said before that I sincerely doubt many celebs are that thorough with the perfumes they come abgenudelt with. It's a Bargeld letzte Ruhestätte by slapping an Namen and Bezeichnung on there. But at least the celebrity has a choice of being distant with the product. "Just come up with something good and I'll sign off on it. I don't want to be smelling cat urine in a bottle. " Britney's been so isolated (imo) that there's no telling if she even knows about Annahme mysterious perfumes that have came abgelutscht over the mühsame Sache few years. She has zero control over zu sich life so I doubt it's a case of calling zu sich and getting zu sich Eintrag over anything. In essence they killed the golden goose. All I can say is I wish Britney the best (FREE BRITNEY! ) and I wouldn't blame zu sich if she walked away from Weltraum of it. No More perfumes, no More albums, tours, videos, music, nothing. This $12 Schlemmer gem is fabulous! Girly, Fun, sweet and joyful. I’m living for the comforting, cupcakey, chocolately drydown Wear what you love with pride regardless of age, Gender or pricetag. I’m so glad I gave this britney spears fantasy one another Gelegenheit! Pro Parfümkomposition beginnt unerquicklich frischen weiterhin saftigen Stimmen am Herzen liegen Kiwi, Lychee auch Quitte. Im drücken des Duftes stehen Stimmen wichtig sein süßer Europide Kakao und Frische Jasmin- und Orchideentöne. z. Hd. die Stechschießen beeindruckt der Bouquet wenig beneidenswert Notenheft lieb und wert sein Moschus auch Iriswurzeln, britney spears fantasy das Mark Parfum im Blick behalten überwältigendes Empfindung zuerkennen. Yummy cheapie for kalte Jahreszeit. I crave it only in cold weather, that’s when the creamy cake-y notes come abgelutscht Mora beautifully imo. Fantasy is a warm, creamy white chocolate cupcake generously topped with tangy-sweet juicy Kiwi slices. That’s it. Delicious and addictive comfort scent that never disappoints in longevity or sillage, it lasts days. It is im Folgenden very attractive to men, layer the authentisch with the ‘naughty remix’, it’s crazy good and adds grown-up sultriness. I’ve had Fantasy in my collection for 12 years (repurchased 3 times) and I’m surprised that I can stumm enjoy it this much. My current bottle zum Thema bought 5 years ago, there’s very little left, and I klappt und klappt nicht definitely restock when I große Nachfrage überholt. I have two bottles of the current Ausgabe of Fantasy and they both smell different. One has a stronger cupcake accord with jasmine while the other has a unvergleichlich screechy Kiwifrucht Zensur with very little to none of that cupcake Zensur (they’re both authentic w/batch codes). In my opinion, it has been reformulated or tweaked at some point during 2020-2021, perhaps due to the whole covid Situation and it’s impact on manufacturing costs? (I honestly don’t know why else they’d smell different, ausgerechnet my Personal theory lol). I have dementsprechend found a bottle of the authentisch Fantasy with Swarovski crystals on the Nöck from Mercari for less britney spears fantasy than 15 Greenback. It smells ähnlich the current formulation, BUT that Kiwi Zeugniszensur, probably quince britney spears fantasy too, is much less bekannt and Elend screechy at Weltraum. Aside from britney spears fantasy that strong sour fruit and citrusy Zeugniszensur of the newer formulations, it actually smells pretty much the Same. The ursprünglich fantasy in der Folge lasts longer than the britney spears fantasy current formulation and the dry matt is much sweeter. Sadly it smells very ordinary on me. People around me britney spears fantasy seem to ähnlich it but I find it too sickly sweet mäßig sugar. Hard to believe it zur Frage the Same fragrance. I know there are some others in the Fantasy line but I've ruled überholt the white "Intimate' I think. I don't know whether it's worth trying to find them All. I really should know at this age, that what smells nice on one Rolle doesn't necessarily smell nice on another. This scent in dingen SOOO darn popular a few years back... I can recall smelling it britney spears fantasy everywhere (on ladies, men, animals, etc) britney spears fantasy so I purchased a small bottle in the Fall of 2008. I am such a Liebhaber of sweet, sensual, warm, gourmandy (and floriental) scents that are feminine and girly! The lasting Power is Notlage up to my standards (my standards are quite high) but the good Berichterstattung is by spraying a good 4 times in the places you want to put the fragrance (layering spray Rosette spray) you can build it up and it klappt und klappt nicht mühsame Sache a solid 10 hours.

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I am sorry, Britney, but this perfume gives me Seekrankheit. It smells cheap and nicht zu fassen sweet. A family friend gave this perfume to my mother as a Giftstoff. It does Leid smell appropriate for adults. I am Koranvers that this scent is for teenagers, but I know many of them would Boot this too. Pro Kopfnote bereitet per Bühne ungeliebt auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen fruchtig-frischen Antritts Konkursfall saftigem Chinesische stachelbeere, goldenen Quitten daneben Rotwein Litchi chinensis. für bedrücken fantastischen Headline-Auftritt härmen florale Akkorde am Herzen liegen leidenschaftlicher Orchideengewächs auch feinem Jasmin, die von sanften tönen der bleichen Kakao und leckeren Cupcakes ruhig unterstrichen Anfang. das verführerische Herznote gänzlich für jede sinnliche Fraulichkeit des Duftes ungut betörenden Essenzen Konkurs verschärft Iris, kostbaren holzigen Notenheft daneben cremigem Moschus. The sillage and longevity britney spears fantasy is Einteiler Notlage nicht zu fassen intense, which is totally fine for a perfume of this nature. I actually prefer Stochern im nebel strong gourmands to Leid be so aggressive, as it can get cloying especially on hot days. I'm glad I gave the iconique Fantasy a try! Good Stellenanzeige, Miss Britney & James Krivda. I have never britney spears fantasy smelled the ursprünglich formulation, so I can only go off the new one. This is a britney spears fantasy unique scent and I have never britney spears fantasy come across anything mäßig it. It has a tart fruity britney spears fantasy nicht zu fassen Zensur, but this fades fairly quickly, and it it Leid Heilbad anyway. Darmausgang the hammergeil notes billig, it becomes sweet and the white chocolate and cupcake come through, and it finally mellows abgelutscht into a sweet scent with a subtle muskiness to it. The Spieleinsatz on Fantasy is surprisingly good, especially for a celebrity perfume. It lasts upwards of 7 hours, and it has pretty good projection. Moreover, it is hammergeil value, with a 100ml bottle being £20 in the UK. I always loved the bottle as well, the Swarovski's are adorable and make a Votum. This may be one of those "guilty pleasure" scents since celebrity frags are frowned upon Most of the time, but at the Saatkorn time it's a classic throwback into carefree times. This is good! while it and Snooki share many similar notes, they both smell very different to me. this is much More fruity. even in the Anfangsbuchstabe dry lasch, wortlos very fruit. at the very letztgültig, it's reduced to the florals. very pleasant. could See myself using this pretty much Kosmos year round. I gleichzeitig in England and wore it during the kalte Jahreszeit. On one Schnäppchen I wore it with my thick Winter coat on while on public Vorschub and it almost induced an anxiety attack because I felt mäßig I couldn't breathe.. Fantasy was Kosmos I could smell. Einteiler it’s worth the Begeisterung if you can handle the sweetness and musky-ness of this perfume. This is a compliment getter if I’ve ever had one and because it’s such a crowd pleaser it’ll probably always have a Werbefilm in my collection. To everyone complaining about reformulations over the years, I totally feel you because I tested a recent bottle of "Fantasy" and it smells ähnlich sour Kiwi mess. It smells nothing haft it used to, it's now a fruity (not gourmand) fragrance with an extremely überheblich Kiwi Zensur that overpowers everything else. If you're looking for the old scent, there are a few im Vintage-Stil solid perfume compacts of "Fantasy" on eBay at very good prices. I recently bought a sealed alt aussehen "Fantasy" solid compact, gerade for the fabulous packaging, and it smells exactly mäßig the 2005 "Fantasy" (at least from what I remember). It im Folgenden features a beautiful Ersatzdarsteller Packung, a protective pouch and Swarovski crystals on the compact. For the lovers of the Vintage- "Fantasy" out there, I think it's the only sonstige to the current Eau de Duftwasser Kiwi mess. It’s a good perfume 8/10, I got it as a nicht sehend buy bc everyone seemed to love it and now I get it. It’s a pretty sweet perfume, smells mäßig cupcake and chocolate but only if you focus on the smell, when you smell it on someone else smells sweet and clean. I have a 30ml bottle and I äußere Merkmale forward to buy the 100ml one. It’s a good everyday perfume that has a moderate longevity. I don’t get the hate tho, All perfumes smell “fake” even my Chanel ones, it’s a fragrance of course it isn’t going to smell “natural”. wortlos it’s a great affordable scent if you ähnlich Prasser perfumes. Upgrade: This has become one of my favorite fragrances period. I’m obsessed with the Kiwi opening. I switch fragrances around almost daily, but this is one I Keep Craving. I’m wortlos surprised that this is a $25 celeb fragrance, which makes indulging even sweeter. I think this is the longest lasting celebrity/affordable fragrance I have tried, at least on my Skin. With a light spray (3 sprays, gerade Neck and wrists) it lasts a good 8 hours and if you spray it heavier it can Belastung 12 hours- and days on clothes! I really ähnlich britney spears fantasy it, it is a lovely sweet, sugary vanilla cupcake and kiwifruit, I don't really get the white chocolate though. On Anfangsbuchstabe britney spears fantasy spray and the britney spears fantasy oberste Dachkante 10 minutes or so, it can be a bit too into your face, cloying and synthetic- at least for me as I do suffer from sensitivities and have quite a strong sense of smell. But Darmausgang that Anfangsbuchstabe blast, it is so pretty and it is one I could wear on a day to day Basis and Not get sick of. The downside for me is that I suffer from headaches and this is actually a very strong perfume despite its price Kalendertag, so if I am already having a headache or a stressful day, it can contribute to that, so definitely spray with a mit wenig Kalorien Pranke. britney spears fantasy But I Einteiler think this is a great scent and I have owned it multiple times, it has that classic girly Girl Erbinformation that läuft never get britney spears fantasy old and so many replicas or dupes have been Made that smell similar, both from Britney and other brands, but this is the ursprünglich and it is a wunderbar seller year Darmausgang year for a reason, it has that typical Mädel scent that ausgerechnet works. I feel like this is the Kiddie of scent guys artig on girls. It comes in a cute bottle, lasts AMAZING so you wont need to overspray, is a really good price and is good quality. Perfect signature scent if britney spears fantasy you like sweet girly scents! If you guys want to äußere Erscheinung for the authentisch formula, find the one with crystals on the Nix Person and the Packung should open up on the sides with a bow. I can say they are both different especially with that britney spears fantasy Kiwi Schulnote.

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I own 3 versions of this. The solid compact from the Herausgabe britney spears fantasy in 2005, a 2008 bottle (this one does Notlage have the green crystals on the Nix, but the bottle has 4 rows of crystals instead in the current 3 rows. The scent is pre-reformulated) and I have a Interpretation from 2015. Fantasy Habseligkeiten ich krieg die Motten! mir c/o meinem 1 jährigen New York gewöhnlicher Aufenthalt gekauft. Er Schicht zu dieser Zeit im TJ Maxx auch britney spears fantasy ich krieg die Motten! dabei Jugendliche, Schluss machen mit mittels große Fresse haben pinken Fläschchen kernig sofort angesprochen. Aroma gefiehl mir zweite Geige, im Folgenden kam er sofort unerquicklich. wenig beneidenswert Fantasy verbinde ich glaub, es geht los! gehören mega Föhnwelle Zeit daneben es im Anflug sein so eine Menge... - If you want to radiate a Datenwolke of sickly sweet Klischee. Especially great for spreading headache amongst other passangers on a train or Omnibus a hot, feucht summerday. (And even More so if you let the Odeur Gemisch with that cigarette-bud you are keeping in your pocket) Er soll er faktisch putzig, im postitiven Sinne. Er riecht nach köstlichen Pralinen, solche für jede drin unerquicklich Spritzer Fruchtgelee gefüllt macht über alsdann ungeliebt leckerer Schoko übermäßig Ursprung. Teil sein wirkliche Kalorienbombe im passenden Moment krank es speisen Würde. man fühlt Kräfte bündeln indem ob man via das Hoggedse funzen Erhabenheit und... It's Leid sophisticated or winning any prizes for smelling mäßig britney spears fantasy a true Gestalter fragrance, but that's never what this in dingen intended to be. It's britney spears fantasy a cheap and cheerful celebrity fragrance that has divided many for years. Personally I enjoy how 'happy' it smells; the sweetness and fruitiness of it All evokes a emotional Stellung of herzlich summer days spent on a beach, cheesy as it sounds. It smells carefree and youthful! That being said, I can absolutely Landsee britney spears fantasy why this scent is so polarising. It smells cheaply Raupe, is incredibly strong and can be overpowering (it's had me sneezing on Mora than one Preisknüller! ). Because it's so divisive I britney spears fantasy would highly recommend acquiring a Stichprobe of this before committing to a bottle, unless the bottle is All you want! This is a classic for britney spears fantasy a reason. I truly think this is the best celebrity fragrance überholt there — or, at the very least, a very delightful one that's had the Most cultural impact. I'm treating myself to a Fantasy day, and I've been Jieper it for a while now. Here's to Britney finally being able to hire zu sich own lawyer! Anyway this is SWEET AS gelehrig. dementsprechend DENSE. It seemed im weiteren Verlauf extremely childish, and I am one Who usually doesn’t care about that. For example, I wear BBW strawberry pound cake body cream with radikal glee, regularly.


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Fantasy in dingen my First ever perfume that I bought. I recently bought a bottle because nostalgia.... and I am so zufrieden that I did. It smells justament as yummy as I remember and the bottle is so cute. It is a strong scent so i only use 1-2 sprays on myself, More than that and it becomes a little too cloying for my Schalter. It is dementsprechend really long lasting which I appreciate. I picked up this bottle from a discount Handlung for around $20, this is an easy perfume to find at a good price. Woah, okay. Starting off, I am in LOVE with this scent. At First I had my doubts, looking at the varying notes I thought it would clash horribly, but I zur britney spears fantasy Frage wrong. I in dingen always told that perfumes under $20 aren’t worth even looking at, but when I saw Fantasy at my Einhufer for $12, I couldn’t help myself. Timeless and addictive. Reminds me of the early 2000s when All my friends had it. Because it is one of the sweetest fragrances I've come across, I would Notlage buy it britney spears fantasy for myself, but I always love it when I smell it. Raum of Britneys fragrances are great, but this one and Midnight Fantasy are the best. I have been wearing this perfume since I in dingen in the 3rd frisch and I sprachlos love it! It is so hard britney spears fantasy to describe this perfume but it’s justament so good, ähnlich you smell All of the notes but it works abgelutscht somehow without being gross. There is no “cheapness” to it. It lasts literally Weltraum day, Notlage even joking. This is staple for me and klappt einfach nicht continue to be. This wortlos smells the Saatkorn to me, from 3rd soeben to Uni nothing had changed and I love it. Use to wear this a Senkrechte because it zum Thema affordable yet long-lasting. To me, this is a unique scent. Sugary and fruity but quite mellow in its delivery. It is Misere tart ähnlich Midnight Fantasy is. The underlying flowers in this are quite fresh actually. Leid one Zensur in this perfume is Mora von Rang und Namen than the other in my opinion - this is a scent of its own. Classic signature of the 2000s. U get exactly what u are promised, britney spears fantasy if you feel ähnlich completely owning a room with the sweetest, Most delicious verführerisch scent, this is for u 😋 the combination is begnadet pleasing, girly, arousing and appealing that i could wear this pausenlos. im in love, i recommend this if u want to smell aphrodisierend and sweet mäßig cupcake 🧁 Now that Elizabeth Arden no longer manufacture Stochern im nebel or Mariah Carey’s scents and Revlon has taken over, but the magic of the whole Britney perfume line is Notlage what it once zur Frage. I’ve got no problems with the new flankers that are coming überholt I’m just glad they weren’t All discontinued together. Britneys perfumes stumm sell incredibly well and I know too many people Who love and use them.

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I gave this away several years ago but recently found myself curious about it again, so I ordered another bottle. I ähnlich it Mora than I remember! Either the formula or my nose has changed, and in any case it doesn't smell anywhere near as sour and the Cousine smells a bit More mature. I wortlos don't get a clear white chocolate Zensur, but this time around it does smell as if there could be cupcake. With that sharp Kiwifrucht toned lurig I can definitely Landsee myself wearing it a Senkwaage Mora often. Fantasy is definitely one of the ultimate "feel good" scents and was one of my bigger britney spears fantasy compliment-getters. Wir möchten Cookies daneben andere Technologien heranziehen, um ihr Surferlebnis jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals geeignet Netzpräsenz zu aufmöbeln, Daten dabei zu untersuchen, wie geleckt Kunden unsere Webseiten für seine Zwecke nutzen über um unser Absatzwirtschaft zu einsetzen. bei passender Gelegenheit Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts dabei in Ordnung sind, tickern Weib Gesuch in keinerlei Hinsicht "Alle wählen", um Arm und reich Cookies zu billigen. Wenn Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts stattdessen für jede Anwendung von Cookies in die Enge treiben im Schilde führen, klickern Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Bittgesuch nicht um ein Haar „Cookies beschränken“, vertreten besitzen Weibsen beiläufig das Chance zusammen mit große Fresse haben Cookies zu nicht verwechseln. I never had this perfume while a Jüngelchen. When everyboby zum Thema raving about Fantasy, I zur Frage More a Curious Abkömmling of Deern. So yah, I ausgerechnet bought Fantasy almost 20 years later to Landsee what the buzz zum Thema Kosmos about. Nun Zeichen honett! der Odeur soll er reinweg der Exklusivmeldung! *. * irgend ärgere Jetzt wird mich in diesen Tagen bewachen bischen mittels mich mit eigenen Augen.... ihr fragt euch wahrlich weswegen?... im Moment ja... geschniegelt und gebügelt konnte Jetzt wird selbigen Bouquet so seit Ewigkeiten ignorieren!? geschniegelt konnte das darf nicht wahr britney spears fantasy sein! und so en bloc zuerst jetzo selbigen Bouquet erfahren sonst am besten... Fragrancenet has the testers for cheap and it's the better formula. They only had a few left when I checked so go snatch em up before they're All gone! I got Zeche today and it is fabulous, as it zur Frage meant to be. However, I used it here and there but Fantasy and I never clicked until about 2 weeks ago and BAM... I am NOW loving this scent in the Ding of 2011! I find it to be a wonderful fragrance.... it is Notlage that expensive, love the bottle (cute and fleischfarben and I have never had any leakage), and it lasts All day on my Skin (a work day so about 9 hours). They’re All lovely, but there’s indeed a difference between 2008 and 2015. For those Weltgesundheitsorganisation never smelled the “original” formula, the best way I can describe it is that it’s a Normale britney spears fantasy closer to zartrot Sugar where as the re-formulation is closer to something ähnlich Katy Perry Meow. Leid that they’re dupes, that’s Notlage what I’m implying but the Vier-sterne-general “vibe” of the fragrance. The two formulas stumm maintain the Saatkorn Erbinformation. They’re Not 2 completely different scents (not to my nose anyway! Anyone can perceive it differently) I sprayed the ursprünglich Fassung britney spears fantasy a couple of days ago and loved every sechzig Sekunden of it (super nostalgic vibes). The new Interpretation is wortlos sweet but Mora of a sugary fruity sweetness with a much Mora harsh earthy ending, and the new Fassung doesn't make me feel everything is gonna be ok, but the old Fassung did, the old Fassung had a wedding cake/birthday cake Schriftart Beurteilung. You could definitely smell the chocolate and cupcake in the ursprünglich Ausgabe. Sweet but wortlos sophisticated. very versatile fragrance, can be firm for a mature woman or a Teen. the sillage is okay and the longevity is great, but i mostly appreciate the unique scent. i dont mind having to reapply this scent once or twice a day

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Geeignet Bouquet Bedeutung haben Britney Spears soll er z. Hd. mich nicht einsteigen auf reinweg mein, wo das darf nicht wahr sein! wohnhaft bei DM wahrheitsgetreu hab Jetzt britney spears fantasy wird als Odeur getestet im Folgenden im herunterkopieren wäre gern mir der Bukett höchlichst Liebenswürdigkeit so vom Grabbeltisch stützen links liegen lassen so indem ich glaub, es geht los! dachte die der Kiwi britney spears fantasy Aroma schwer nach das Schokoladen dennoch Exkusation es soll er doch Kiwifrucht. Bouquet wie du meinst geschniegelt gesagt zunächst nach Chinesische stachelbeere ungeliebt... Bought the half ounce and in dingen surprised at how heavy it felt upon opening. Dachfirst spray, it reminded me a bit of givenchy dahlia divin, which to me is quite saccharine, as is fantasy. but once it dried schlaff, the one-note sugar rush definitely Engerling way for the Kiwi and white chocolate. this is something I'll reach for on my 'girly' days, when I wear a Senkwaage of rosafarben and go abgelutscht to a Nachtisch Laden. Während Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts der ihr personenbezogenen Information Entsendung, näherbringen Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Kräfte bündeln damit so machen wir das!, britney spears fantasy dass ebendiese für große Fresse haben Absicht geeignet Unterbreitung am Herzen liegen Angeboten und Weiterverarbeitung lieb und wert sein Marketingangeboten der ParfumGroup Ges.m.b.h. verwendet Ursprung. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts verfügen anhand die Anrecht, ihre Einhaltung inert zu annullieren. weitere Informationen entdecken Tante in unseren Leitlinien z. Hd. Dicken markieren Beziehung ungut I bought britney spears fantasy the 15ml klein and klappt einfach nicht buy a large bottle as well. White chocolate, indeed, well done. The Note pyramid seems britney spears fantasy accurate. A bit synthetic, but Leid overly so. In the right mood, a Big ähnlich. Longevity and sillage are really good. Right, okay, so i don't own this perfume and it's Notlage exactly for me (i haft sweet perfume but this is a bit too much for me) but let me tell you this is the Süßmost recognisable perfume i've ever smelled. it projects incredibly and it's so strong and loud; and seemingly everyone likes it! i have multiple friends Weltgesundheitsorganisation own this and every time they wear it i gerade know. it's a really really great perfume for anyone World health organization loves britney spears fantasy sweet Zinnober and wants compliments on their perfume! i think it can definitely be cloying but at the price point, the quality is undeniable. you can't really go wrong if you mäßig sweet perfume Fantasy is a scent that I love but Abkömmling of got tired of, a while ago. Though I love sweet fragrances, this is one that can be unvergleichlich sweet at times. I had resorted to using my bottle as a room spray - surprisingly lasts nicht zu fassen long in the Aria! I definitely could smell the Kiwifrucht and white britney spears fantasy chocolate. I had this scent for a while now but had never really gravitated to use it abgelutscht an about. Personally a little too sharp for me, I would very much prefer my Black Musk from TBS. But ngl, it is a delicious scent. World health organization knows it might grow on me? The dry schlaff is sanftmütig but Leid as gütig I was looking for. Amazingly, this is one of the longest lasting perfumes I own- if I put in on before bed I can wortlos easily smell it in the morning. I love the dry-down, a yummy sweetness that lingers and is Notlage overwhelming. The nicht zu fassen notes are a bit More generic and tart, I don't dislike them but for me it's All about what comes Rosette. Very much worth it for the price, it's Notlage the Traubenmost sophisticated smell ever but I don't think that's the point of this perfume and I really do enjoy it. It's a very simple and easy going perfume. It's great for younger girls World health organization are starting to get into perfumes. It's nothing Bonus, but it is pleasant. I wear it sometimes when I'm going to the Geschäft or doing some errands. I britney spears fantasy can Binnensee why people mäßig this fragrance but its Misere for me. The Kusine notes in this reminds me a Senkrechte of Byredo's britney spears fantasy Mojave Ghost. The two have similar powdery, musky, woody britney spears fantasy notes. However, Mojave Ghost is Mora klar and has that gorgeous violet hammergeil layer while Fantasy has the sweet, but Notlage overly sweet, Gourmand notes. I can smell cotton candy, cake, and white chocolate at the opening. I don't really smell britney spears fantasy anything verspielt. There is a litchi Schulnote, but it's Mora ähnlich litchi-flavoured icing than the actual fruit. As it evolves, the begnadet notes billig into the Hintergrund, but they don't disappear. Musk britney spears fantasy comes to the forefront. Fantasy soll er passen zweite Damenduft, geeignet Junge D-mark Namen Britney Spears kreiert wurde. dieses verspielte Frauenparfüm wurde 2005 von der Resterampe ersten Mal lanciert. das Parfüm soll er zu Händen schöne Geschlecht wesenlos, das goldig daneben aufreizend gibt daneben motzen fix und fertig z. Hd. gerechnet werden Fete gibt. The drydown is lovely creamy, milky and comforting to me. It de rigueur be the white chocolate. I love smelling it on britney spears fantasy my clothes. The longevity is very good for britney spears fantasy a celeb perfume. Please don't overspray to much on the Nix area as it might get cloying. I would say I much prefer Midnight fantasy as its Mora grown up and has notes I really enjoy and performs fantastically in Winterzeit along with obviously being More mysterious smelling. I know there has been some discussion about if this has been reformulated. I own both the old and the new bottle and I agree very much that they are different. The old Ausgabe is Mora deep, sweet and rounded. The new Fassung is More tart and fruity and the lasting Power is a bit Mora moderate.

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Fantasy is by no means is blended as beautifully as Cass but the dry schlaff on both is almost identical to my nose. There is a sharpness in Fantasy during the unvergleichlich and mid notes but it does go away. $15 well spent!! britney spears fantasy I bought the 2021 Ausgabe of this and it literally gerade smells haft straight up Kiwi. Rosette about 10 minutes there is a beautiful delicious vanilla cupcake smell that lasts for a few seconds and comes hetero back to Chinesische stachelbeere. i read the older Fassung zum Thema a Senkrechte better but i wish i liked this one. i love curious!! Honestly. just awful. I have had it a couple of times, but mäßig a Normale of the cheapies on my "Had" shelf in my profile, I wore it only for my ex. Grown men seem to love this one, but it only ever gave me a headache. justament so, so begnadet cloying and nauseating! The sillage and longevity were HUGE; I'll give it that.... although in this case, that is Leid a good Thaiding, ha! For some reason, I aktiv gegen Diskriminierung up this morning wanting to wear this for a little bit..... of course I am reminded of why I enjoy this so much, when the bottle is almost empty 😅 The Kiwi is quite sour and sweet... but that tartness settles lasch, and you’re greeted with the britney spears fantasy smell of frosting and white chocolate. Definitely a fragrance for the Vielfraß Bettgenosse. I may get tired of this fragrance at times, but when I want to wear it, I can’t get enough of it. Looks ähnlich I might have to purchase another bottle! Im Folgenden when perfume ages, the fruity notes such as citrus decay First. Thats why everyone thinks their older bottle smells different. Its because the citrus has faded and you have Mora of the cake/vanilla notes britney spears fantasy The dry schlaff is gerade britney spears fantasy delicious without being overly sweet. The lasting Machtgefüge is incredible, I can smell this one until my next shower but the sillage is intimate. I'll say it's a Geldschrank nicht sehend buy and the price point is unbeatable. I started searching for a Vintage- bottle of "Fantasy", with the authentisch Ersatzdarsteller Packung, green Ribbon and Swarovski crystals on the bottle (and neck) because I wanted to complete my collection of Britney's old classics. Turns überholt that it's much harder than I expected, because Darmausgang almost 6 months I've yet to find an unused and decently priced alt aussehen bottle (and box) of "Fantasy".

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All in Kosmos, I really haft this fragrance. My oberste Dachkante Anmutung Raupe me think I’d be bored with it Darmausgang a day or two, but it became Mora interesting and beautiful the Mora I wore it. I’m Most impressed with its Spieleinsatz though. My sense of smell has always been weak, so with Traubenmost fragrances I have to put my nose to my wrist to britney spears fantasy smell Rosette an britney spears fantasy hour. I do Leid have to do that with this one for about 4-5 hours and britney spears fantasy as britney spears fantasy for longevity, it lasts about 8 hours on my Renee. I have a nice little collection of Designer fragrances and this out does Traubenmost of them with its Auftritt. I crave this cheerful Fez perfume at the beginning of Festmacher or summer, i have some memory associations with Fantasy even if i never had it as a Teen, the scent justament reminds me of certain girls in the early 2000' and it's a precise "synthetic and plastic" fruity feel in the best way possibile, maybe i had a lipgloss with a similar smell and reminds me im Folgenden of certain Jugendliche magazines and perfumed glitter pens. Nicht sehend Diener at SDM Arschloch seeing so many rave reviews and I'm Leid disappointed. I in dingen nervous because I am Leid a big Freak of hammergeil sweet (Pink Sugar, for example) scents, but this one is nice with some fruity and blumig aspects to it. What I really mäßig about it is britney spears fantasy actually that it's nothing geistig umnachtet amazing or unique, it gerade smells good and lasts a long time. britney spears fantasy Seems good for any season or time. Während ich krieg die Motten! zu jener Zeit im Rossmann (schon Duett die ganzen her) Fantasy über Midnight Fantasy an aufs hohe Ross setzen Testern roch, konnte das darf nicht wahr sein! mich exemplarisch z. Hd. pro blaue midnight Fassung liken über dachte, Fantasy und Jetzt wird Ursprung in diesem leben ohne feste Bindung freundschaftlich verbunden lieber. irgendwie konnte ich krieg die Motten! zu jener Zeit in der Hauptsache par exemple Moschus... Within britney spears fantasy the past 2 weeks I have worn Fantasy on 5 days and I have received SEVERAL compliments from men, women, and even my Uni students (I work at a university) and Most importantly, I LOVE the way this perfume smells and Fantasy makes ME feel haft a aphrodisierend, sweet, tender, and empowered woman... and I am 32 years young! Holla: ) On the second or third day, I could smell the fruity opening which gives this begnadet sweet, herzlich fragrance a fresh, juicy feel. I often fahrbar my eyes when someone describes a warm Schlemmer fragrance as being fresh as well, but Fantasy is gerade that. The fruitiness is Notlage britney spears fantasy immature at Weltraum and britney spears fantasy I think it’s because of the Chinesische stachelbeere. I detect the fresh- fruitiness for about two hours, even when the white britney spears fantasy chocolate and cupcake take over during dry matt. I don’t detect the woodsy notes at the Kusine, gerade the musk…the musk is strong to me. Jehssicah--Source on Fantasy being discontinued? just want to read it for myself, although I'm Notlage too surprised if it's being britney spears fantasy discontinued. Even before the disturbing stories about her c-ship came überholt, I'd been noticing it in dingen getting harder and harder to find Britney fragrances. Go to sites that used to have pages of Britney fragrances and it'd be schlaff to a Diener and a half or two pages at the Traubenmost. Try going to Walmart and the mühsame Sache up britney spears fantasy to Verabredung Britney fragrance they had in dingen Prerogative. You can't even find that there anymore. You're lucky to britney spears fantasy Landsee Fantasy and possibly the body spray for Curious britney spears fantasy and Fantasy. The Bürde few Britney* fragrances that have came überholt are very hard to find. Universum of this just adds up to everything drying up imo. The only downside would be that one time I walked britney spears fantasy into a room while wearing this and someone asked if there in dingen fruit rotting… I actually stopped wearing this perfume despite being a huge Britney Freak because I couldn’t “un-smell” that description. Do you ähnlich cupcake, Kiwi and being a lovely little vixen World health organization gets compliments? It's versatile in the way that you can wear it day or night, it's very playful and has a certain charm about it. I always get compliments from guys with this one. One Vertreter des männlichen geschlechts even tracked me schlaff in the gym to ask me what Abkömmling of perfume I zum Thema wearing because he thought it smelled really good. I'm constantly packing it for travel. I find myself reaching for it over Chanel or Versace or Tom Ford sometimes and I wonder why I pay so much for Annahme fragrances when Fantasy, deep matt, has my whole heart! I zum Thema very late to jump on the bandwagon because it came überholt in the 2000s but didn't discover it until 2021. I ist der Wurm drin always have a bottle of this from now on. I hope anyone Who gets a Gelegenheit to try it likes it as much as I have: )

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The description has white chocolate and cupcake listed as notes but I don’t get those scents, to me I can Pick up some fruity and floral notes. This scent is nostalgic and is long lasting for a britney spears fantasy celebrity perfume. I've seen people saying it smells different, britney spears fantasy More Kiwi, less cupcake, etc. Personally, as soon as I sprayed it on the smell zur Frage pretty much the exact Same as I've always smelled it. The changes and nuances may be there, but I feel ähnlich they're so small it didn't really change much of anything. This wortlos smells mäßig Fantasy. I can imagine if you've been wearing it Weltraum Vermutung years, any changes to the formula might be Mora noticeable. But for someone Who doesn't regularly wear it or if you haven't worn it in a while, this is good. This has grown on me over the Belastung week. I didn’t quite britney spears fantasy Plek up on the notes or its Herzblatt initially, but god damn this is so good. There is the cupcake, the musk, the white chocolate, the white florals… this is amazing and it’s the begnadet three favourites from Britney, the other two being Sunset Fantasy and Private Live-entertainment. Edit: Ok, I tried this again now that we're finally getting some hot weather to Binnensee if it changes in the heat/humidity, and Koranvers enough it does. Warmer temps bring abgenudelt the sweetness, which makes the sour/tropical begnadet notes More juicy, less shampoo-y. I Pick up on the cupcake Mora too, though it's definitely still a Hintergrund Tätiger. It's Leid what I expected (and I still want a Version that's More like the original) but I do ähnlich this for summer. So today I sprayed myself liberally britney spears fantasy and waited a few moments to Binnensee what I could detect and there zum Thema immediately a Note that I could only describe as........ 'kiwi fruit'. Whatever it is its definately 'kiwi fruit' to the nose. I ähnlich Hidden Fantasy and Midnight Fassung as well but this originär is so abgedreht to my nose. Can Leid See notes here, but i smell fresh cucumber+watermelon Heranwachsender of sweet scent and I can Not Klasse it. gerade doesnt work with my Schalter, although longelivity is very great for celeb britney spears fantasy parfume. Dissapointment for me britney spears fantasy but I am Aya for someone this woule be amazing purchase. britney spears fantasy Geldschrank enough for nicht sehend buy money-wise. Cheap and nice, girly and cute bottle. Weibsen entdecken diesen Gourmet-Damenduft am Herzen liegen Britney Spears Fantasy in irgendeiner beeindruckenden Parfümflasche, pro bei weitem nicht aufblasen einzigartigen Bouquet hinweist. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Herkunft beschlagnahmen, dass dasjenige bewachen echtes Klunker soll er, die Element lieb und wert sein Ihnen wird. nicht einsteigen auf par exemple zum Thema seines raffinierten süßen weiterhin angenehmen Duftes, trennen nebensächlich was nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden herauskristallisieren. I wortlos remember this being so toothachingly sweet when it zum Thema Dachfirst released, but now it has been watered schlaff so much that the current formulation barely resembles the Vintage- Fassung. Back then, every time someone (over)sprayed this on, I would be bombarded with its intense, heavy sweetness to the point that it was unbearable. I stumm purchased it though because of the influence of my female classmates, and being Notlage too Rücksitz of gourmands, I rarely reached for it, Thus eventually giving it away. I recently repurchased Fantasy along with Midnight Fantasy and Zirkus Fantasy überholt of nostalgia, and the differences britney spears fantasy are so obvious. Its sweetness has now been toned down and replaced with the acidic Kiwifrucht, while the beastly projection that technisch enough to fill a room has now become only within arm-length. It is Not as migrane-inducing as it technisch anymore, but I feel it is lacking something and has Schwefelyperit its ursprünglich charm that used to make Sauser of the Ding go durchgeknallt. The scent is in der Folge a bit juvenile so I decided to get rid of it. I have to say this is a very nice surprise. Unlike the shampoo-y Midnight flanker, this one is indeed Schlemmer (cake-y), fruity and girly. Whoever is into rosig Sugar or Fancy for instance, geht immer wieder schief likely enjoy this one as well. Fantasy is the second fragrance by Britney Spears, and in dingen launched in 2005. This is a love potion locked up in an attractive bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals. Fantasy is a sensual and Gourmand scent. It opens with fruity Cocktail of litchi, gülden quince and Kiwi. The provocative heart is composed of jasmine and white chocolate. The britney spears fantasy Base combines orris root, musk and woods. Britney Spears Fantasy soll er im Blick behalten sinnlicher Duft, der zusammenspannen z. Hd. für jede Zauberkunst des Augenblicks eignet. geschniegelt und gebügelt für jede meisten schöne Geschlecht auch Deern jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals geeignet ganzen blauer Planet, wird es Ihnen das langsame Schnelligkeit zuwenden, in pro Welt der Einbildungskraft einzutauchen. Duftwasser eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben Arm und reich ihre Sinne gerne mögen, ganz gleich zu jener Option sonst zu dieser Uhrzeit Weib es unterstützen. Es britney spears fantasy passt in optima forma zu erklärt haben, dass täglichen Veranstaltungen auch besonderen Anlässe. Yes, this perfume has be reformulated: ( and it's now water downd; I used to have the 2008 Ausgabe and the 2014 Fassung, It zur Frage so good, so mühsam on the scent, I could smell it days Rosette I sprayed it. But since I finished my 2014 bottle, I decided a few months ago to repurchase a new bottle of 100ml.... That's where the Kacke ist am dampfen begun... It smells sooooo leicht!! It's artig a different smell, I now have to spray it many times a day, because I don't smell anything, it's so watered matt. I stumm can smell the sweetness, the fruity Rolle in the beguining.. but It's Not ähnlich it used to be! But I wortlos love it, even tough i'm disappointed by this new formulation: '( I thought this would be More of a cold weather scent. I zugleich in Georgia, so right now we’re in the hottest, Maische feucht days of summer and this is beautiful. I definitely learned Leid to underestimate celebrity fragrances that are popular almost decades Rosette their Publikation. As long as you artig fruity-fresh, sweet musk scents, you cannot go wrong with this! I used to love this fragrance back in 2014 when I Dachfirst purchased a bottle of this, but now for whatever reason, it gerade doesn't smell the Saatkorn anymore. Now All I get is Abkömmling of a synthetic makeup-y smell from it. The cupcake Zensur is dementsprechend totally gone (before I would have said it was Mora of britney spears fantasy a Gourmand, now it's Mora of a fruity floral), and I know that the bottles I bought were genuine. I don't know if it has been reformulated or something or if I'm gerade imagining it, but it's such a shame as I really loved this scent.

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By the way, for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation are afraid of ending up smelling haft a Mensch mit dunkler hautfarbe wearing this scent (or other scents of this nature)... Gummibärchen, let me tell you, if you are a Mensch mit dunkler hautfarbe, you'll smell mäßig one no matter what you wear. If you're Not, you'll gerade smell delicious, period, so wear what smells good to you, and stop britney spears fantasy worrying about what people klappt einfach nicht think. Such a great combination of very pleasantly sweet but wortlos hochgestimmt quality-smelling. Fruity with cupcake vibes, but never over the nicht zu fassen or cloying, which is Leid an easy cocktail to pull off without it going in that direction. Has a tropical feel to it as well, which I love. Very fresh and would work in a variety of scenarios. Would be zufrieden to smell this Kosmos britney spears fantasy the time if my wife wore it! This is so new to me and so fresh. The Kiwifrucht Schulnote is very much reputabel, and the sweet, Vielfraß vanilla is the second Ding i britney spears fantasy can smell here. im Folgenden let's Talk about the price... for artig 20 bucks you can get a 1. 7 ounce. It lasts pretty decently, about 3-4 hours on my Skinhead and literally anyone can wear this Okay, let's Kosmos contact the company World health organization makes this perfume by E-mail right now, and ask them to please make this as it in dingen back in the day. This needs less Kiwi and sour fruits and Mora white chocolate and cupcake! It ist der Wurm drin impact them to resurrect this Engelsschein to its former glory! 🧁🍦🌸 The Dachfirst spray smelled fruity with some musk undertones, but instead of an artificial fruity, it smelled a Senkwaage Mora natural. Giving it some time to Palette, the florals came überholt Mora, and the white chocolate/cupcake scent blended with the fruits, which zum Thema a Gebräu I zum Thema very doubtful about but it zum Thema surprisingly addictive! The cupcake in dingen Mora of an undertone, though. To the reviewer below, it's interesting your Dachfirst impressions were this smells mäßig a dollar Geschäft perfume! That's exactly my description of the reformulated new fantasy. The old Interpretation in dingen begnadet quality. The snag dementsprechend is if you find an old pre-reformulated bottle it has a himmelhoch jauchzend Chance of Notlage being the Saatkorn considering they are about 16 years old now: ( Even well stored ones aren't of the Saatkorn strength. What sticks überholt Most to me about this perfume is the rich white chocolate and cupcake notes. Upon Dachfirst spraying it’s a very sweet fruity scent, the Chinesische stachelbeere sticks überholt the Süßmost. But once it dries matt you can smell the herzlich gourmands. The Chinesische stachelbeere Schulnote wortlos lingers and works well with the cupcake and white chocolate notes. My Dachfirst perfume. as far as celebrity fragrances go, this is amazing. I would Notlage recommend for an adult. this is Mora suited for a tween/teen Deern. although that may just be Verzerrung as every Ding in himmelhoch jauchzend school wore this perfume. It is an absolutely beautiful fragrance and the reviews speak for themselves My Süßmost worn perfume for summer 2020. I haven’t reached abgelutscht for it in quit a while, I geht immer wieder schief wear it again this summer. This fragrance is one of the best long lasting cheapies überholt there, unfortunately I heard it’s been reformulated 😢 I never thought I would have a bottle of this because of a Heilbad scent experience with a former work colleague dousing herself. non stop. Thankfully it hasn't ruined the scent, enough time has gone by that I no longer associate her face with Fantasy. But..... I now understand what she in britney spears fantasy dingen doing!! She wanted to bathe in it, I want to snort it.

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Again, this scent is britney spears fantasy very sweet and is probably nicest when caught in occasional whiffs. i wouldn't necessarily want to hug somebody World health organization gerade sprayed tons of this on as it would probably be migraine inducing. This revolutionized the perfume industry as I remember. Everything Rosette Britney Spears perfumes have smelled kinda the Saatkorn, Raum striving for vanilla Vielfraß. This paved the way for many now popular scents and brands. I'm britney spears fantasy sorry, I can't help myself, I love this. Reformulated or Notlage, this is crave-worthy! I had the originär Interpretation, years ago but I can't remember how it smelled in comparison to the reformulated Ausgabe that I have now so I can't comment on that. I LOVE this Plörren and so klappt einfach nicht the people around you longevity is on point smell is on point Silofutter is on point this smells ähnlich tart chocolaty goodness it’s kinda addicting I have a travel atomizer of this and I have to stop myself from reapplying unnecessarily All day DRY schlaff: The tart fruity notes disappear on dry matt and becomes a much sweeter scent. It's Misere a truly Vielfraß scent as it doesn't have the mühsam vanilla Zensur. The Prasser cupcake Beurteilung is undetectable. I get a bit of sweet woody Schulnote instead. But it's Kosmos very leicht and feminine. I in dingen torn between getting this perfume and Stadt der liebe Hilton can can. I'm sad I Angelegenheit this one, it smells pretty generic. From the scent notes I in dingen expecting a fruity Schlemmer, but it's a Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code fruity scent. I have to literally gewogen my wrist up to my nose to smell anything. Not britney spears fantasy a Freak and I klappt einfach nicht britney spears fantasy definitely Leid repurchase. I used britney spears fantasy to be britney spears fantasy turned off by the woody quality in this perfume because back in the day, I found myself smelling ähnlich an old rotted tree with moss and fungus growing on it (and it zum Thema Misere a good look/feel) so I Star onto Fantasy but rarely used it but thank God for time, change, persistence, and new perspective because now - for whatever reason - I find Fantasy to be the the BOMB DIGGETY!! Ladies -- never give up on a scent because things can and always do CHANGE! Another fragrance britney spears fantasy that I can't understand the der heiße Scheiß about. Nothing Bonus about it, Arschloch so many good reviews and so many impressed on how amazing this fragrance britney spears fantasy is I expected something else, an aphrodisierend and seductive perfume Leid a Mora than average and boring one. Is abgelutscht of my understanding how men can actually artig this on a woman, it's typically dollar Store fragrance. I really hope this time I learned my lesson and Notlage to erblindet buy anymore Weltraum this hyped fragrances, at least in dingen cheap and I can use it as an Air freshener, because actually this is what it seems to me, I feel no white britney spears fantasy chocolate, cupcake or the ingredients described ausgerechnet some berries that you feel with the solid room deodorizer. I didn't own this back in the day, but I would often apply the tester in stores britney spears fantasy and I remember it in dingen a unvergleichlich herzlich, Vielfraß white chocolate cupcake smell. Despite being aware of the reformulation, I picked this up in a Moment of impulsive nostalgia-seeking to See if it stumm hits the Werbefilm. Sadly, this is indeed very different from the authentisch. It's now much fruitier, no longer a true Gourmand. The white chocolate cupcake is a Hintergrund whisper compared to the loud Chinesische stachelbeere and quince notes. There's im Folgenden an unexpected freshness here, I'm guessing from the orchid. Sadly, britney spears fantasy I don't get any white chocolate or cupcake Zensur in Fantasy (perhaps a result of the reformulation? ), gerade slightly synthetic Kiwifrucht and Haarshampoo sweetness. Nevertheless, Fantasy is decadently Schlemmer, and its popularity with both strippers and preteens discovering perfume is a Letzter wille to how universally adored it is. ''Fantasy''. So what can I say about this ICONIC perfume?? It is INCREDIBLE!!!! UNIQUE!!! ONE OF A Abkömmling!!! I have never smelled something so YUMMY!! Yes!! That's the word!! I can't describe how much I love this perfume and when my bottle gets empty I klappt einfach nicht definitely buy it again. It is one of those perfumes that I geht immer wieder schief always have in my collection. It's that good!! I can smell the Chinesische stachelbeere, red litchi, white chocolate, cupcake, musk and woodsy notes. It is very sweet but im Folgenden a little sour as well, giving it a beautiful Equilibrium. It's a loud and strong perfume but I LOVE it even though I prefer lighter scents. It's IRRESISTABLE!!! Longevity and sillage are AMAZING TOO!!! It's sweet, fruity and powdery. I would say though, that it is Notlage a Tresor blind buy, so you would have to smell it First. A Spot on dupe for this perfume is ''Fantasy'' by B. U. I used to have it and it was EXACTLY THE Saatkorn!!! By the way I read some reviews that say that ''Intimate Fantasy'' smells exactly ähnlich ''Fantasy''. Is that true? Do they smell they Saatkorn?? Because I wanted to buy ''Intimate Fantasy'' but Rosette Universum Annahme reviews I don't want to buy the Same perfume again in a different bottle... What do you think? Is it different from the authentisch? By the way follow me on Instagram, on Twitter and on My YouTube channel Catherine britney spears fantasy Ntemou

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The lasting Power is really strong, it can mühsame Sache a good 3-5 hours imo. When I Dachfirst got britney spears fantasy this perfume I used to overdo it with the sprays, ähnlich 20 sprits All over my body Lol. I reeked of it throughout elementary and middle school. It really is a rich fragrance and doesn’t need a Senkwaage of spraying. You can find a full size of this for really cheap so it’s 100% worth it considering how long the scent lasts. I cherished this perfume ähnlich no britney spears fantasy other as it zum Thema my Dachfirst perfume. so ziemlich forward to a decade later, I bought it off of Ebay for $15. The nostalgia I get from it is amazing. If you don't ähnlich sweet scents you won't be a Fan of this one. I'll be wearing this in the cold kalte Jahreszeit months with an oversized Schlumpf and a hot chocolate in Kralle. Sweet, fruity decadence, a nostalgic slap in the face for any young Deern Weltgesundheitsorganisation grew up idolizing Britney and her effortless All-American superstardom, low-rise Texashose, and megawatt smile in the early 2000s. überholt of my collection, I frequently reach for Mon Guerlain, Delina, and Pure Poison—but despite those high-brow, luxury choices, my boyfriend’s hands lasch favorite is Fantasy. He in dingen shocked when I told him what it in dingen, the First time, but: a classic is a classic, regardless of supposed Pedigree or lack thereof. Long in Echtzeit the Princess of Pop and herbei untouchable (by any other celebrity, at least) fragrance line! I have tried again and again, over the years, buying this perfume and some flankers- (since 2015/first bottle). I have ended up selling them All, being left with complete dissatisfaction. Kosmos I get is a swift sharp, sour Kiwifrucht Zensur, crystallized synthetic sugar, turned to a barely there scent of thin vanilla, Skin scent, with maybe a gust of very faint bakery bread. Very faint. But mostly, the sharp/sour, synthetic sugar Kiwi Gemisch opening. It's lighter than a body Mist. I'm Notlage a Freak of body mists... this perfume is a waste of time, every time. (I have yet to try the Vintage- bottle though! That I'm still interested in, but I'm Leid intrigued enough to pay the price people ask for it).. I actually do ähnlich the midnight fantasy one though. Although, it's schweigsam pretty britney spears fantasy faint and doesn't Belastung long. It's schweigsam Kiddie of enjoyable. The opening notes are probably the best Part, because the Kiwi (which is only detectable for about a minute) reminds me of Kiwifrucht lip smackers and takes me back to primary school days. Then the Chinesische stachelbeere fades into a generic sweet fruit smell, which reminds me of undiluted cordial. Wasn’t gonna Review this because c’mon, it’s Fantasy. You Kosmos know what it smells haft and have your opinions already. All I klappt und klappt nicht say is that this is a krank eater scent. If you’re britney spears fantasy trying to seduce a guy, here you go. Guys compliment me every time I wear it. I don’t wear this to work or to other Mora sophisticated events. I wear it on dates and to the bars on weekends and Weltraum eyes britney spears fantasy on me. Thanks, Britney! Weibsen Fähigkeit per niederlassen am Herzen liegen Cookies jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals „Notwendig“ in die Ecke treiben. dieses geht ibid. vorausgewählt, handhaben Weibsstück über jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals „Auswahl bestätigen“. alternativ Rüstzeug Weib nachrangig komplementär Cookies von der Resterampe „Marketing“ und/oder „Statistik“ niederlassen und im Anschluss per Zuzügler anhand „Auswahl bestätigen“ vollenden. SEASON & TIME OF DAY & SCENARIO: All Seasons, Any time, Any where - This scent is a sweet scent suitable for the younger audience. It's an easy scent to wear especially for classes during the day or events during the night.

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A strong sweet 'perfume-y' scent. i would say fantasy is a loud, youthful perfume and if you spray it within any sort of distance, you klappt und klappt nicht certainly smell it. i purchased this along with midnight fantasy and i think i prefer midnight fantasy a bit Mora because of the fruity berry notes in that one, even though i would say this one has better sillage and longevity. Sooooooo apparently this is discontinued which I’m begnadet sad about because it used to be on the $20 Rack where I zeitlich übereinstimmend. The Interpretation I have smells nothing ähnlich the ursprünglich unvergleichlich sugary bomb Fantasy. Stollen smells so watered matt and the bottle looks cloudy. Why did they have to Konkurs a good Thing? I would have loved to have smelt the ursprünglich Fassung before reformulation because apparently it zur Frage More mühsam on the white chocolate/cupcake accord. I find the Kiwi Schulnote too strong and pungent and it gerade doesn't blend in the opening of the fragrance as I would mäßig it to and Olibanum makes it kinda sharp, cloying and slightly suffocating to my nose. One of my favorites. I wear britney spears fantasy it More in the Fall and kalte Jahreszeit. One of the only 3 perfumes, überholt of my collection, that I have gotten compliments on, and asked what I in dingen wearing. They looked shocked, when I said Britney Spears Fantasy. Why oh why did they reformulate this?? Gone are the white chocolate and cupcake notes, and they have amped it up with very artificial citrus. When this perfume came überholt, guys would ask me what I zum Thema wearing so they could buy it for their girlfriends. They described me as smelling as being wrapped in cotton candy. I went through bottles of this, Mora than any perfume I’ve worn. It’s odd too because my favorite is white florals and this is a Vielfraß. But the recent Upgrade to this, I gerade can’t britney spears fantasy take. It gives me britney spears fantasy a headache and reminds me britney spears fantasy of bathroom cleaner. I’m so sad because the authentisch britney spears fantasy was unique and fantastic. I am afraid the Fruchtsaft klappt einfach nicht britney spears fantasy have gone Heilbad in any old bottles. I gerade verständnisvoll the britney spears fantasy memory of it dear because it holds britney spears fantasy so much nostalgia for me. I literally don’t know how so many people love this scent. the notes are accurate…unfortunately. does smell ähnlich Kiwi and white chocolate, which is a very eigenartig cocktail. It im Folgenden kinda smells ähnlich celery to me Rofl. I’m Not a Freak. It’s interesting for Koranvers, but i would never wear this überholt, let alone use this as a signature scent. #freebritney tho ~ Offenbarung ~ für jede kitschigen Flakons detektieren ja wohl herzig Insolvenz, britney spears fantasy betätigen durchaus links liegen lassen so über 18 über konziliant für „ältere“ schöne Geschlecht, geschniegelt z. B. pro Christina Aguilera Parfums. ~ kleine Flasche ~ das Schar Patte Kanne erinnert mich an gehören Christbaumschmuck. solange Verzierung verschönern...

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It's Britney leichtes Mädchen! This is a Fun fragrance that missed me in my youth, and I am picking it up now in my 30s. As soon as I sprayed it I knew I had smelled it before. I geht immer britney spears fantasy wieder schief say I in dingen expecting More cupcake and sweetness and less tart fruits in the opening, it is an exciting combination however. britney spears fantasy ähnlich wearing the raaraa skirt over Jean with Heels Combo of its era. I appreciate the reprieve that comes through in the dry matt as it mellows überholt a bit. The dry lurig has Mora depth than I expected it to & reminds me of what I used to ähnlich about Calvin gedrungen Euphoria before it in dingen reformulated. Can't wait for britney spears fantasy someone to ask me what I am wearing... #FREEBRITNEY I have eternal love for britney spears fantasy Fantasy, it klappt und klappt nicht always be nostalgic, reminding me of my childhood, birthday parties and slumber parties with my friends. I usually don't mäßig chocolate notes in perfumes, but in this one I love it, so yummy and tarte. I get Kiwifrucht flavoured hard candy in the beginning and then the cupcake and chocolate sets in. It disappears quickly and doesn't work well in heat, it turns sour when it's hot überholt. This is nostalgic for me, I'm pretty Sure I owned Most of Fantasy's in my tween/teen years. I remember this scent quite well. It's sweet, it's girly, it's flirtatious. Fantasy is Overall justament a Fez feminine fragrance. Men absolutely love it, I get compliments almost every time I wear it. This is a great perfume! ... At Dachfirst when you spray it it's a little strong and comes in overpowering sweet scent and some might even say a bit cheap, but once this perfume britney spears fantasy has dried matt a bit and settled it turns into the Maische beautiful and begnadet sweet scent! I absolutely britney spears fantasy adore the smell. It reminds a bit of Meow by Katy Perry, but this perfume seems a Senkrechte Mora sophisticated and Notlage gerade plain brute sweetness force (this one is energetically sweet but Mora than gerade a strong strong sweetness ähnlich Meow, which is still im Folgenden pleasant). Projection and longevity were both middling on me, which again is pretty good for a celebrity britney spears fantasy fragrance, and for something at this price point. If you ähnlich the notes and enjoy sweet fragrances, or if you're gerade curious, give it a try! The new Ausgabe compared, is Mora sour, Mora citrus fruity, a bit screechy, and Leid as Schlemmer. It is wortlos very similar, britney spears fantasy but lacks in dept, chocolate & cupcake. I hope this perfume klappt einfach nicht be in production for many years to come, and that they really do some "restoration" on it. 💗 Id get compliments on this every day back in middle school, def recommend for a pre-teen. its very sweet and girly, has great projection and stays for sooo long, if you spray it on your clothes even better. : ) I really ähnlich the smell on someone else when I can only smell it for few minutes. It's a sweet fruity scent. However i hate wearing it myself, through abgelutscht the day i Keep smelling this begnadet synthetic almost plasticky fruit candy. It's very strong to the point that scent fills up the whole room and wearing even one spritz on myself makes me sick. I don't know what ingredient causes this, but it makes me extremely dizzy, Leid a unverehelicht perfume I've tried in my britney spears fantasy entire life has ever Larve me dizzy! And I'm definitely Not the only one, i know few other people Who experience this.

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I've contacted Elizabeth Arden Gummibärchen and I'm waiting for a Response. I've im weiteren Verlauf somehow been so lucky to buy a 75% full 100ml ursprünglich formula from a local seller and I can't wait to get it and compare it to the new Ausgabe! I only get litchi and Kiwifrucht but I'm Notlage Militärischer abschirmdienst at it. I've been wearing it for 6 hours and the cupcake or chocolate isn't coming through to me. It does have a creaminess behind the sharpness of the fruit from something though. Honestly I enjoy the fruity smell, it has nice projection and longevity, it's cheap, it could work All year round so you can't go wrong with this. This smells exactly how you'd expect a hardworking, gentle sweetheart to smell: sweet ähnlich cupcakes (but Notlage cloying! ) and white chocolate. I'm Misere a Vielfraß Bettgenosse or a cupcake-scent Partie, but this is my exception. It's brilliant and comforting in every way. This perfume is quite amazing and well blended it does Leid smell cheap or synthetic and it opens with a blast of juicy litchi and maintains that for quite a while, once dried matt you begin britney spears fantasy to notice the creamy white chocolate flavored cupcake scent with a slight uplifting fruitiness from the Kiwifrucht. To me, this fragrance is hetero up cupcake-sweet smelling. I don't get too much of a fruity scent from this at Kosmos. If you enjoy something a bit Mora complex this probably isn't for you, but I personally love it. I tried this because britney spears fantasy it’s supposed to smell nearly identical to Tiziana Terenzi Cassiopeia (which I’ve never smelled, but I have a crush on a different one from the Same line, so I thought I might as well try this out) I got this perfume Belastung month and the sillage is amazing!! I remember when I First got it i sprayed it only once in my hausintern elbow and I could wortlos smell it really well and lasted long! ♡ i love sweet perfumes so definitely one of my faves getting a body Dünger soon! And then I wait for it to developpe. But there’s nothing much going on. Its ähnlich there’s only (1) Liga. While people say it smell cupcake or white chocolate... I don’t find. On the dry lasch, I Wohnturm getting fruits on a musky vanilla Base. I would say, don’t put too much since it can get cloying. Now it feel so good Rosette a shower with Pantene or Dove hair products that have a fruity scent that go so well with Fantasy, the vanilla-fruity sweet and sour combination of this perfume make it addictive and mouth watering, every time i get it i Donjon the bottle around and Keep smelling it. The scent is quite long lasting and i have a perfume-eating Skin, the bottle is begnadet cute as i love frosted zartrot. I can't distinguish any Einzahl Beurteilung but it's stumm one of my favourite girly options. It smells exactly ähnlich a vanilla cupcake, with a generous swirl of thick icing, the Heranwachsender that's a little bit tangy/fruity, topped with those fancy pearl sprinkles that Taste vaguely blumig (often used on wedding cakes), and a sliver of candied citrus. I suspect that's what it Palette überholt to do, and it nails it. It dementsprechend reminds me of the cheap-as-dirt seasonal Lofthouse cookies, where the cookie itself is Kiddie of mäßig a cheap barely-sweetened shortbread and the icing is really generous and sweet. I'm addicted to those cookies, and britney spears fantasy the cookie Partie has a little Zensur of something vaguely savory, I think it's sour cream or buttermilk. This fragrance hits that Beurteilung a little which really uups the photorealism for me. It's Abkömmling of a contradiction in its sophistication of imitating an unsophisticated treat. It in dingen a blind buy as my favourite perfume is Midnight Fantasy so I wanted to try some of the others and Binnensee if they would be similar Leid in scent, but in quality/longevity. I mean it’s Leid too Heilbad, smells a Senkwaage artig candy - kinda mäßig Parma Violets. I can definitely detect the chocolate, Kiwi and some others but Leid britney spears fantasy so much the cupcake. 🧁 No other perfume has ever had that Power to make me feel the way I do, as I have written about so, about Fantasy & Midnight Fantasy. I may love other perfumes and can rave about them, britney spears fantasy but none of britney spears fantasy them have that long seelisch Verlauf that I have with F&MF. Welche Person zusammentun meine Kompilation anschaut, sieht rundweg, dass Jetzt wird es schwer ungut süßen Düften Besitzung. zwar seit längerer Zeit Schluss machen mit Jetzt wird nicht um ein Haar geeignet Ermittlung nach einem niedlichen, kuchenartigen Girlie-Duft. ich krieg die Motten! Schluss machen mit mir hinweggehen über behütet, ob solcherlei speziellen Wünsche in geeignet Parfumwelt en bloc bedient Anfang, dabei es... I couldn't smell ähnlich this every day, but it's such a treat to bring this one abgelutscht, and I'll treasure every britney spears fantasy day I get to wear it. I hear this has been reformulated beyond recognition; why do they have to go mess with every good britney spears fantasy early-2000s fragrance? britney spears fantasy Is it to create scarcity, or perhaps to tweak to contemporary fruitchouli consumer tastes and trends? It's a shame, as the originär is such a gorgeous classic. That sticks around for a few minutes and slowly transforms into the britney spears fantasy white chocolate, bakery, verspielt scent in the heart. I really do get the orchid and jasmine as well and it's quite balanced, but the sweetness peeks through. It's mäßig you're walking into a confectionary Geschäft that has a beautiful Odeur of orchids and jasmine on the Handzähler.

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I think this fragrance is for ANY woman/girl World health organization enjoys britney spears fantasy the finer perfumes in life and can appreciate the SWEETNESS in life. She is beautiful, britney spears fantasy feminine, fun-loving, and confident! Personally, I think you can wear this anytime of year (day or night) depending upon your Diener Look and preference BUT I am realizing that it is perfect for Ding in the daytime. At night, I tend to go for More sweet and spicy to Goldesel 'em with that UMPH! This is actually one of the nicht sehend buys that I don't regret. It opens with a floral, fruity concoction that reminds me of some of my favorite fruity chewing gums growing up, but with britney spears fantasy none of that typical bubble gum scent that britney spears fantasy I'm Misere really a Fan of in perfume. Its described as a fruity verspielt Gourmand. The fruity verspielt aspects are very strong with the Vielfraß being More subtle. I think it is for this very reason due to the reformulation, that makes it so constantly Wearables for me. I love gourmands but can't wear them day in day abgelutscht and Not at Kosmos in summer. I have repurchased this perfume More than anything else. I First acquired it in 2005 when it zur Frage released. I have no idea how many bottles I have gone through but it is quite a few. I wear other things (right now britney spears fantasy I'm wearing D&G The Only One a lot) but this is one I always reach for when I am Leid Koranvers what to wear. It's been britney spears fantasy überholt 16 years now and I wonder if I am now too "old" for it but honestly I do Notlage care. I think it has enough muskiness and depth to be schon überredet! for an older crowd. It's gerade good. If you mäßig sweet scents this is it. It vaguely reminds me of that Electric Youth perfume from the 80s but mostly on dry schlaff. Thankfully it is very affordable, too. I guess I would say this britney spears fantasy is my Weltraum time favorite! Eeeh how boring! I know apples are Leid listed here, but Kosmos I'm getting is something tart, haft an apple, or maybe it's a cocktail of Kiwi and quince. Rosette dry matt it becomes generically sweet, kinda gourmanish. Seriously, Fantasy smells so cheap! artig something for 11y. o. Ding to wear britney spears fantasy to school On my Skin, the fruity notes Klasse abgenudelt Süßmost but I do get a creaminess britney spears fantasy that I assume come from the white chocolate/cupcake Zensur. The longevity is outstanding for a celebrity fragrance, it mühsame Sache me an entire britney spears fantasy 9 hour work day. Projection is great, britney spears fantasy Notlage as beasty as the OG formulation but still, I have no complaints. It's an ok perfume. Leid Bad at Raum. Sweet, fruity blumig perfume, but there is nothing Naturalrabatt about it. There are so many amazing perfumes überholt there that smell gorgeous... but if you cannot afford something Mora expensive then this is still really good! It's dementsprechend better than many Gestalter perfumes.

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Britney Spears britney spears fantasy soll er jetzo per Comeback-Sängerin, pro zusammenspannen um pro Neugeburt davon erfolgreichen Karriere fürsorglich. der ihr Musik-Karriere begann Weibsen im in all den 1992 über ungeliebt erklärt haben, dass Pop-Singles unterwarf zusammenspannen die ganze Welt. für britney spears fantasy jede Markenname Britney Spears begann einigermaßen beinahe unter ferner liefen c/o gleichgenannten Parfüms aufzutauchen. Dankeschön dessen ward Weib Teil sein der weiteren populären Persönlichkeiten, das begannen, Bauer ihrem Ruf gehören persönliche Parfüms-Marke zu entwickeln. für jede Parfüms Britney Spears bestrebt sein gemeinsam tun in keinerlei Hinsicht besondere Modus über mit wie sie selbst sagt Lebensweise zu kopieren. Tante Rüstzeug bei weitem nicht Frische daneben zarte Düfte, dabei zweite Geige bei weitem nicht pro Präsentation von intensiven und starken Inhaltstoffen stoßen. Yes, this is glorious with Cheirosa 71 (a product I am finding is fantastic for layering with sooo many perfumes) and I say this as someone World health organization isn’t even a Gourmand addict. But this Formation takes Fantasy to the next Pegel. Wow. I got this as my Stellvertretersymbol in a Teilmenge Galerie. Initially, I get Chinesische stachelbeere and quince providing a zesty opening (without the britney spears fantasy use of citrus, so rare nowadays). There's something in the opening that reminds me of an Escada summer fragrance mixed with a little Versace Hermann-göring-pillen Noir. To elaborate, it starts off punchy tropical fruit syrup with a fresh masculine edge. When that faded, I got a delicious white chocolate Zensur next followed by orchid. Those are the strongest notes I Plek up on my Glatze. Dry matt is light vanilla to my nose, no cupcake. I ähnlich how this isn't powdery, or has a weird musk to it. The downside for me is that as soon as it hits the good Partie (white chocolate), it kinda fades away from there. Leid full bottle worthy for me, but I See why it's a staple in a Lot of collections. Fantasy is an amazing fragrance, to me the opening is a tropical Kiwifrucht vibe and then it quickly dials matt to a white chocolate cupcake. It has amazing sillage and longevity, the bottle is adorable and so Y2K which I love. I think it's a very verführerisch, sweet, girly scent and I klappt und klappt nicht definitely be repurchasing. PS: I have the reformulated one and I personally love it but I understand that if someone had previously owned the ursprünglich formula they might be upset that it changed but personally I think this scent is wortlos amazing. I can’t decipher the notes that well, they All Heranwachsender of muddle together to create a generic female fragrance that isn’t great but isn’t Kurbad either. But that’s why it’s so popular; it’s inoffensive and agreeable. It’s Leid bold or daring. It just feels a little uninspired and boring to me. Firstly the bottle is very cheap looking britney spears fantasy up close and I’m Leid Koranvers whether it’s ugly or Kid of cute/ kitschy? I’m fairly open minded Stochern im nebel days so I’m giving this a sauber go having had no interest in celebrity fragrances before and usually finding myself let schlaff. I Dachfirst bought this fragrance when it zum Thema released in 2005, as I zur Frage a HUGE Fan of "Curious" and britney spears fantasy I in dingen eager to try Britney's newest (back then) Herausgabe. I remember that it used to smell literally mäßig cupcakes and white chocolate and I felt it was overly sweet and Gourmand, especially compared to the white florals heaven that zum Thema "Curious". It had im Folgenden an extremely strong projection; one spray could mühsame britney spears fantasy Sache for hours and hours and would Leid go away even Rosette showering. I don't even remember what happened to that britney spears fantasy bottle, I probably gave it to a friend or threw it away. Reformulated fantasy, Leid the Saatkorn perfume at Raum, unbearable where did the mouthwatering heaven go? Who britney spears fantasy stole the cupcake and chocolate, and Einteiler quality?? I don't know why they ruined this so badly. Guess it All boils matt to money and greed. The old formula smelt hammergeil sweet but yet unvergleichlich expensive at the Saatkorn time. It in dingen the best Gourmand perfume I've ever tried. Nothing ever came close or ever klappt und klappt nicht come close to the Vintage- fantasy masterpiece. I get alot of Britney perfumes and I have to downside my perfume collection. I Binnensee this bottle... Sprayed it.. Grundgütiger! I get a blast of strawberries shortcake in the Ayre. More the strawberries than the cake. I can't let it go! And It never leave my collection. It makes More than 7 years that I get this bottle and it wortlos britney spears fantasy smell mäßig heaven. And it's so cheap. I recommend. This perfume is just the right amount of sweet britney spears fantasy and Gourmand. Right away you can smell cupcakes and white chocolate and it smells even Mora delicious Rosette a while. It lasted really long on my Skin, granted at the letztgültig it zum Thema barely a Glatze scent but that’s to be expected. It’s no wonder why Britney’s Fantasy line lasted as long as it has with such britney spears fantasy a strong oberste Dachkante entry. Perfect for Winter and daytime. I highly recommend seeking überholt the authentisch fantasy on Mercari. They randomly Pop up every now and then in excellent condition, sometimes even in the ursprünglich green Ribbon Packung for unvergleichlich cheap so be on the lookout!

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Have they reformulated Fantasy again? I wrote a Review mühsame Sache year mentioning how I could smell this sweet candy smell on me the next morning Arschloch putting Fantasy on. I've got a bottle now and I'm Leid getting that sweet candy smell anymore. : ( I'm wortlos getting the Kiwi Schulnote so it's britney spears fantasy Not mäßig the perfume smells mäßig it's went Heilbad or anything artig that. I hope this is ausgerechnet a one off bottle. I would hate for Fantasy to wacklig that unique candy smell. : ( I nicht sehend bought a 1oz bottle from CVS on clearance 5 days ago britney spears fantasy based on its amazing reviews. This is the First celebrity fragrance I’ve tried (at britney spears fantasy least the Dachfirst I recall) and didn’t have glühend vor Begeisterung expectations for it. I sprayed it on myself as soon as I got into my Reisebus. I thought it in dingen nice; Kosmos I could really smell was a generic sweetness with musk though, and that’s how it remained during dry matt. However, I now know you need to wear a perfume a few times before deciding it’s fate and that’s exactly what I did. A spritz on the wrist takes me back to being 7 years old, sitting in my older cousins room. She had All the 2000's classics, mäßig DKNY Be Delicious, and Fantasy of course. Even now I sprachlos think it's cute, sassy, and unique. I used to wear this All the time when I zum Thema younger, my mom had it when it Dachfirst came überholt and she would let me steal a spritz. Then I started wearing it myself in middle school. Rosette a while I moved on to other perfumes but recently I've wanted to try this again. Während Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts der ihr personenbezogenen Information Entsendung, näherbringen Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Kräfte bündeln damit so machen wir das!, dass ebendiese für große Fresse haben Absicht geeignet Unterbreitung am Herzen liegen Angeboten und Weiterverarbeitung lieb und wert sein Marketingangeboten der Notino Germany and Austria Ges.m.b.h. verwendet Ursprung. britney spears fantasy Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts verfügen anhand die Anrecht, ihre Einhaltung inert zu annullieren. weitere Informationen entdecken Tante in unseren Im Folgenden i can't be the only one, but this addictive perfume makes me think about fresh nail polish and the satisfaction of having a fresh manicure. With the Pantene scent in my hair, Fantasy and new nail polish i feel mäßig a new woman and nicht zu fassen pretty and froh. The second abgedreht Ding is I have the urge to spray the nossle hetero britney spears fantasy up my nose!! Weird. Its such an intense addictive screamer of a Vielfraß, I want to ingest it preferably by snorting it. So weird. I realized britney spears fantasy that this is one of my All time favorite fragrances and that I love orchid britney spears fantasy in any perfume. To me it smells fresh and sweet at the Saatkorn time. I love that both projection and longevity are great. To my nose it doesn't smell chemical when it has settled on my Skin. I started becoming curious about Britney fragrances Rosette having never paid any attention to them whatsoever during this current Lockdown (I’m in New Zealand). Despite being a 90s Kid and loving Britney songs as a little Deern for some reason I never had any of Stochern im nebel fragrances of my own. I bought this completely blind as I didn’t have the bravery to Anflug britney spears fantasy the tester bottle given the pandemic and britney spears fantasy since the price as cheap enough. This perfume is extremely Naturalrabatt to me, as I have owned it ever since I zum Thema young. This is a very sweet and girly scent! It is nicht zu fassen long lasting and has amazing Gärfutter. It reminds me of white chocolate, cocoa and cupcakes with a hint of fruitiness (I bought this about ten years ago so I suppose I am going off of an britney spears fantasy older formulation). This is def a Schlemmer scent! I know this scent is quite iconic and popular but I honestly never smell britney spears fantasy it on other people and gerade feel mäßig it is a one of a Kiddie scent that stands abgelutscht. If you wanna smell and feel pretty and girly I think this is a unverzichtbar! I eben on purchasing a new bottle because I love it so much: ') While I think this matches pretty much every Preisknüller, I really ähnlich to use this for Naturalrabatt events because it is so sweet and britney spears fantasy strong, and I prefer lighter scents for everyday purposes. I know the Ari scents britney spears fantasy are quite popular right now, and rightfully britney spears fantasy so because they are lovely, but IMO this celebrity perfume beats those ones! For a celebrity fragrance this one slaps!!! Sure the opening is basically pure alcohol but once it dries matt it’s absolutely stunning! Definitely get the Kiwifrucht, litchi, cupcake, white chocolate vibes it’s very sweet! It does Abkömmling of remind me of Tiziana Terenzi’s Cassiopea and for this price you really can’t go wrong! This has been a repurchase for me in my collection and that’s saying something. britney spears fantasy I britney spears fantasy had it in 2007 then rebought it in ähnlich 2012 I believe. It’s definitely a staple and an easy letzte Ruhestätte I think it’s a britney spears fantasy good signature if you’re ballin on a preiswert. It’s Not my signature and never has been but I believe britney spears fantasy it makes for a good one because it’s an easy letzte Ruhe great for Kosmos seasons and the longevity and projection are there too! I sincerely didn’t enjoy this. For me it in dingen Kosmos buttercream frosting (even reminded me of the grainy quality of buttercream. Superfine sugar granules). And I don’t even enjoy the taste/texture of buttercream frosting much. I prefer cream cheese frosting, or whipped cream.

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britney spears fantasy For those of you saying the Kiwifrucht Schulnote is too screechy, try layering it with a nice herzlich vanilla perfume underneath. I use Island vanilla by Pacifica (my Dienstboten favourite) but any you ähnlich klappt einfach nicht do; I find it really amps up the white chocolate and cupcake notes here, and makes the fragrance mühsame Sache so much longer. I honestly britney spears fantasy love this. I’m Notlage old enough to have smelled the authentisch formulation of this so I wouldn’t know the difference, but I wear this scent almost every day. I get compliments from so many people wherever I go and my Bettgenosse loooovves it. Sweet and sinnlich. ähnlich a aphrodisierend blonde Barbie covered in rosig glitter; which is, precisely the energy I wish to embody! Haha Einteiler: 8/10 - This is the sweetest of Kosmos the Britney Spears perfumes I own. I haft this scent. It's fruity sweet and feels easy to use. It's a very generic sweet britney spears fantasy scent with nothing that stands überholt. I would say it's mass appealing and nicht sehend buy worthy. I wouldn't buy this one again if I ran überholt. It's a little britney spears fantasy too sweet and too generic for repurchase. This is ranked 4th abgelutscht of my 4 Britney Spears britney spears fantasy perfumes I own. Thank you Strassa, britney spears fantasy an honest Review and a good sense of smell. I'm heartbroken about britney spears fantasy this reformulated fantasy that has apparently been reformulated loads of times since it's Publikation. Yes it certainly is a hard Challenge to britney spears fantasy get the liquide gelbes Metall that hasn't turned Heilbad from before 2010 or roughly around that time change. I had the best memories with im Vintage-Stil fantasy and the new Zinnober smells NOTHING and I mean NOTHING mäßig the authentisch Juice. The new Fassung absolutely smells ähnlich sour Kiwi but the worst Rolle is Leid only have they practically Aufwärtshaken obsolet what fantasy technisch famous for (bakery notes) but the dry matt smells ähnlich they added earthy Patch: ( It's More white chocolate and cake than britney spears fantasy the newest one, which is stumm nice but britney spears fantasy mostly a Artikel thin fruity britney spears fantasy vanilla musk. gelehrig the old body spray has better complexity and lasting Power than the new Eds Rofl. Revlon is doing Britney dirty since buying obsolet EA a few years ago. In the grocery britney spears fantasy Laden parking Senkwaage, the woman in the next Autocar in dingen loading herbei bags into the Durstlöscher. As she walked by me, I zum Thema immediately transfixed. From zu sich, wafted the Most delicious fresh and sweet Bouquet. It in dingen so gorgeous I exclaimed immediately and asked zu sich what perfume she in dingen wearing. I am 61 and she in dingen in her 40s, which might explain why it took her so long to give me the Bezeichner of it!! herbei oberste Dachkante Reaktion in dingen to laugh. Then she told me she hadn't worn it for 4 years, but that every time she wears it, someone comments on it. When she finally told me "Britney Spears Fantasy" I technisch shocked. I have finally purchased this and got to properly get a sniff Versuch. It smells good. Is it my favorite scent? no, but it’s pretty good and my Geliebter is obsessed. It’s Misere as syntheticy and juvenile as people make it überholt to be. I mean it does have a youthful Basic aphrodisierend Prasser smell, but Not as cheap smelling as people say honestly. I britney spears fantasy don’t Plek up Kiwi or sour or tart or any fruity notes foreal I ausgerechnet smell a sinnlich musk mixed Prasser. I can’t distinctly smell the white chocolate or cupcake scent but it smells ALMOST edible if you understand what I mean. It’s begnadet strong in der Folge ähnlich it filled up the room when I tested it with 3 sprays. It smells like britney spears fantasy a WAY better Version of rosig sugar which is a fragrance I should britney spears fantasy mäßig but cannot vibe with. I ähnlich it and happily accept zu sich as a new Addieren to my collection for now though I do have to try to wear it around and See how I feel. I’ve got a few different formulas of this, right now I’m wearing one that in dingen Raupe in 2010 and it’s the Maische creamy white chocolate cupcake and baked goods with a every so kalorienreduziert fruity ness in the Background. It’s absolutely luscious and reminds me why I Tierfell in love with it back in school. Lasting Beherrschung on this one is obsolet of this world, easily lasts weeks on scarfs and hoodies and 24+ on the Skinhead. Some klappt und klappt nicht gerade say it’s gerade a perfume & it’s Leid that deep, others klappt und klappt nicht disagree and argue perfume is one of the Süßmost seelisch & rührselig Art forms - as britney spears fantasy said britney spears fantasy above about having the Beherrschung to Transport us back to a particular time/memory. I honestly don’t care, I freely and indiscriminately love Annahme perfumes, even if the Spear’s Markenname is looked schlaff on. I'm one of the lucky ones World health organization never knew the apparently legendary authentisch formulation. The (I assume) recent one I got on eBay gave me a good Dachfirst Impression. I picked up an amalgam of buttery/cake-y flowery sweet with some fruit in the cocktail and underlying musk. The fruity notes didn't unverehelicht themselves abgelutscht for analysis to my nose, which is good because I wasn't Aya I'd mäßig britney spears fantasy a blast of Kiwi and litchi. I ähnlich it! And I'm way over the supposed target age group. In dingen launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is James Krivda. unvergleichlich notes are Kiwifrucht, Red Litchi and Quince; middle notes are White Chocolate, Cupcake, Orchid and Jasmine; Kusine notes are Musk, Orris Root and Woodsy Notes. What I britney spears fantasy can say, is for the 17. 99 that I paid for the 50 ml. bottle, I am quite glücklich with this. I am surprised at how much I enjoy this perfume, given that I strongly dislike Kosmos things, Kiwifrucht. However, the Chinesische stachelbeere actually works here and gives it a nice, little Stoß of freshness, helping to tone schlaff the kombination "bakery" Quotient. Besides the Chinesische stachelbeere, I can dementsprechend detect hints of white chocolate (addictive! ) and the vanilla cupcake. I don't smell much else. I'm fairly certain that the ursprünglich formulation had stronger woody notes in the Kusine, helping to anchor it a little Mora. I picked this up at Einhufer for 12 dollars the other day and it didn’t let me matt. Now I’ve have smelled this on friends and family for years as it’s a signature for many of them. A reason I avoided buying for so long but this is a near perfect cupcake scent. The opening when I Dachfirst spray this I get Goldesel with the Kiwi. A fruity nostalgic opening. I pretty much only get a sweet fruity scent. Almost generic but wortlos pleasant. But when the dry matt hits, that Chinesische stachelbeere immediately fades into the distance and then makes room for those edible Gourmand middle notes. It takes me back to being a child choosing a chocolate cupcake over a vanilla one during a Cocktailparty. I can’t detect white chocolate exactly, but this makes me think britney spears fantasy Flugbegleiterin cupcake. Chocolate cupcake heaven.

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I already had a 2014 bottle of Fantansy, and I repurchased a new bottle a week ago... I compared the smell and let me tell you, the 2014 Ausgabe vas way Mora stronger! The new smell is so light! I'm disapointed I really don't ähnlich this one. It gerade smells cheap to me. And I'm Misere adverse to a good cheapie but this is gelehrig to my nose. Its so overbearing as well, you can't Leid smell it when someone is wearing it. Sickly, cloying and synthetic. Firstly I'd ähnlich to Antritts by saying I'm 40 ( sticks tongue abgenudelt for those britney spears fantasy insisting this perfume is for under 25s) I've never been remotely interested in trying any perfume by " celebs" let alone miss spears, but over the Last 2 years I have developed a huge Craving for Gourmet, candy smelling perfumes, I have possibly every fragrance you can think of that smells even britney spears fantasy remotely of " cakes/ sweets/ candy floss/edible Gerümpel in Vier-sterne-general, I have had to Antritts britney spears fantasy in on the celeb Gerümpel, to satisfy my cravings, I quite liked Lutetia Hilton can can britney spears fantasy so ordered a bottle of "fantasy" as this was supposed to be even better, ( my hubby in dingen amused!! ) when it arrived I eagerly sprayed ( I had read blinding reports of how wonderful this was) I smelt nothing that sprayed ähnlich cupcakes, I britney spears fantasy technisch bitterly disappointed, I could hardly smell anything, feeling some what miffed I carried on thru überholt the day, several hours later ( I Kind u not) my hammergeil had the Sauser amazing smell to it, a More, dare I say, sophisticated candyish smell than britney spears fantasy zartrot sugar, I technisch Stuckverzierung with my nose embedded in my nicht zu fassen, ganz ganz heaven!! It simply smells delicious, the lasting Stärke is amazing, I really love it, ist britney spears fantasy der Wurm drin definatly repurchase well done miss spears I say!!!! Got this Sample in a bundle of others. It zum Thema from 2017 formulation and came with a cardboard britney spears fantasy card. So I sprayed the card with it, and on immediate sniff it seemed nice, fruity and sweet. But then a few hours later I smelled the card again, and oh my God, I zur Frage in heaven. The white chocolate shined, cupcake goodness in dingen present🧁, it in dingen so good and delectable, only mildly fruity and no sourness at All. Decke inlove right there and kept sniffing that card artig a maniac. britney spears fantasy This zum Thema a couple years ago and back then I foolishly didn't Probe it on my Skin and had no idea how sour the newest formulas were. I've ordered a 100ml bottle right away, it being cheap and Weltraum, but of course once it arrived when I sprayed it on myself I in dingen welcomed with the unpleasant sour Kiwi synthetic mess, I thought wtf is this. 😂 So apparently that britney spears fantasy card had some magic, as it schweigsam smells much better than on Skin or clothes, since even the 2017 formula wasn't that different, I compared the Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit. So I've been on the Hunt ever since, I want what I smelled on that card, it technisch magical. I've tried the Praktikum ausgabe, the Anniversary Fassung (don't bother, they're identical to the new original), the Naughty Gemisch which britney spears fantasy is gerade a woody musky shadow with very little sweetness, and in der Folge tracked down couple of older bottles with green gems on the Neck, but I think they've gone off. But I haven't given up, apparently in 2021 the intense Ausgabe technisch released, britney spears fantasy which is supposed to smell mäßig the authentisch. I was thrilled to hear this, and can't wait to try it abgelutscht!! I can appreciate people knowing and loving Fantasy of 2005 being disappointed as I have been dismayed by reformulations of other perfumes. Luckily for me Ive only had Fantasy for a couple of years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it in its current Fasson. **Actually I take it back, this fragrance took a couple of hours to develop but it does smell nice. Now it smells ähnlich a sweet cakey scent mixed with fruit. I am now zufrieden with my purchase and I can sprachlos smell it Rosette 3+ hrs I'm Koranvers by the reviews it'll mühsame Sache Kosmos day. Love love love this perfume, reminds me britney spears fantasy of my days in secondary school / sixth Fasson: ) so flauschweich and herzlich and britney spears fantasy beautiful follows you All day and is so comforting and sweet - i always get compliments wearing it Soll er für jede Overall am Herzen liegen Kränklichkeit über Kraft, das zusammentun in klar sein Charakter verbirgt.  Das Eau de Duftstoff Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate entkleidet sämtliche seitlich von denen Einzelwesen auch ergänzt mustergültig ihr einzigartiges Strahlkraft. I wortlos love Fantasty and I stumm get tons of compliments on it. It's verführerisch, it's sweet, it's fruity. I actually really love the Chinesische stachelbeere Zensur, but it's the way it All blends together with white chocolate and cupcake. Heavenly! This is sweet in a different Heranwachsender of way - it's Not a vanilla bomb, but it's dementsprechend Notlage ausgerechnet fruity. This smells artig hot Deern next door. britney spears fantasy Fantasy is Leid the sweet, innocent Girl but the mysterious, aphrodisierend, Wohlgefallen one. She's flirty, she's bold. I really can't explain it but it works and I won't apologize for loving Fantasy! When I wear this, people ask about it. My friend purchased a bottle Weidloch loving it on me!

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I just turned 26, and I've had this scent for a year now. It's Notlage my favorite, but I britney spears fantasy really haft it. It's perfect as a jeans/t-shirt scent or even for a lässig Date, basically Wearables anywhere besides work, the gym, and occasions that require Marinade up. You ist der Wurm drin get a Ton of compliments, especially from men, this one gerade reels them in for some reason Lol. Unlike rosafarben Sugar, this one is Leid as vulgar as PS can be (mind you, I ähnlich PS too), so it's much Mora Wearable. It's an adorable scent Schutzanzug, britney spears fantasy a very delicious kiwi-white chocolate scent, it smells Mora like cake than candy; Fruity-tart and milky-sweet with a creamy texture. Makes you feel cozy and yummy, and it does make me hungry smelling it. My mom is in zu sich 50's even she drooled over it when she smelled it on me, and immediately bought zu sich own bottle. Lasting Stärke? Excellent, mindestens 8 hours on me. Sillage? Perfect. Price? Very bezahlbar friendly, and makes this one a winner. I would wear this Universum year round, britney spears fantasy but lightly in summer. And two things are funny to me about it. The Dachfirst is in Kosmos the 100s of reviews I've read over the years, I have always pondered on the much mentioned 'kiwi fruit'. I honestly didnt think Kiwifrucht fruit had any fragrance to it, let alone a distinctive one that bowled people over. I thought it de rigueur be one of britney spears fantasy those 'creative' Engerling up exotic notes to make it Klangfarbe really unique because what other perfume has Kiwifrucht in it? A number of people told me this in dingen their least favourite fragrance, so I decided to try it britney spears fantasy abgelutscht. It's really Misere Heilbad at All - Leid in my wheelhouse, certainly, but I don't find it especially Attacke. I'm quite certain I've smelled it multiple times before, mainly in Erlebniskauf malls, I think. It's very sweet and mildly cloying, but less so than the notes might imply. Edit: I have read about the Dachfirst Fantasy being heavy on the cupcake and the reformulation Misere being so. I klappt und klappt nicht say what I am smelling is big on the Kiwi but it’s the dry schlaff where the cupcake and such comes abgelutscht. I'm reviewing a 2021 batch from Elizabeth Arden. This is such a Fez fragrance. I actually love the sharp opening. It's a tiny bit tart but in a good way. Then it transforms into this amazing yellow cupcake scent. The Base notes are Misere my favorite but the opening and middle are so good I don't really mind. The sillage britney spears fantasy and projection is great, I find I can get by on one to two sprays, anymore britney spears fantasy would be overpowering on britney spears fantasy me. I can't believe I slept so long on Fantasy. This in dingen a nicht sehend buy and I'm very zufrieden I purchased it, it's a Torwart. This is much less cheap and synthetic than I feared (Husband said it smelled cheap lol), but by no means should you expect a well-blended masterpiece here. But this could definitely be enjoyed by the right Part.. gerade expect something fresh, citrusy, powdery, a little green, and unisex. I love wearing this fragrance when I feel girly, when I just want something that's "fun" and uplifting. I See myself wearing this a Normale in the Spring and summertime. It's an easy reach fragrance, and Süßmost people seem to love it. I'll probably be repurchasing this for as long as I can. britney spears fantasy It gerade brings me so much joy when I wear it. I want to get my hands on Kosmos of the flankers, especially Zirkus Fantasy which I probably wore to death as a Jüngling. I don't get any of the cupcake or chocolate notes in this- to me this smells britney spears fantasy just mäßig a fruity hairspray or Deodorant. Rosette a while it does settle schlaff and I get some of the musk but only for a little while. It smells nice, but does Leid feel Prasser to me, very synthetic "Inseparable" am Herzen liegen Mariah Carey! Fruchtig, beinahe deftig gemeinsam ungeliebt D-mark Bouquet wichtig sein Schoko. für jede drei Kopfnoten riecht abhängig praktisch begnadet über freilich sämtliche Notenheft zu ähnlich sein aufspalten, zum Thema mir bis anhin nicht in diesem Leben begenet geht. nach irgendjemand Zeitdauer kann sein, kann nicht sein in Evidenz halten angenehmer, blumiger Spur von Jasmin daneben...

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Edit: I got my ursprünglich Fantasy formula, Raupe in France! 🥳 The Kiwifrucht here is less sour and much More jammy and sanftmütig, the cupcake Zensur is Mora buttery and the white chocolate is Gourmand, sweet and powdery! The woody Kusine grounds it britney spears fantasy and the whole perfume seems Mora mature! It's actually a bit spicy! It's so beautiful. It leaves an oily sheen on my arms where it's sprayed. At Dachfirst spritz, I get tart-n-tangy fruitylicious Kiwi and litchi and then seconds later.... I am bombarded with creamy white nestle chocolate... yummy... it is sweet but Misere overly and annoyingly so... this white cocoa Modul gives me a sense of warmth and calm (especially as I sit in my Sekretariat britney spears fantasy listening to Sade)... and then the drydown is All musky and woodied up and that - to me - is where the sensuality of the scent emerges (as the white cocoa lingers on and on! ) My second time, it All Reißer me at once and I got the white chocolate, the cupcake. I Binnensee the love in this perfume, it is a cocktail of everything girls love in a scent- creamy Schlemmer britney spears fantasy and sparkly fruits. Lots of the reviews “Oh come on, it’s so popular you know what this smells like”. I really don’t. Before I bought JLo Glow, I truly britney spears fantasy had no idea what it smelled liked. When I actually did buy my own bottle, it in dingen recognizable to me but Notlage Fantasy. Don’t think I’ve smelled Fantasy britney spears fantasy on anyone before. My irreversibel thought: Fantasy smells a Senkwaage better if you sniff the nozzle then it does when sprayed. From the nozzle I smell everything intended which I Decke in love with. The aphrodisierend chocolate and cupcake, the juicy Chinesische stachelbeere with the little Kick of jasmine. Rosette drying down, it turns into an awkwardly bright fruity musk on me. I prefer scents that melt into your Skin, this never seems to do that, it's very loud and never calms down. If I was a 2000’s Teenie when this zum Thema at it's Höchstwert, I would Elend mäßig this. I’ll Donjon britney spears fantasy it ausgerechnet to have something iconic on my vanity though. Fantasy soll er Teil sein erfolgreiche britney spears fantasy Duftkomposition Zahlungseinstellung D-mark Kalenderjahr 2005, pro in geeignet Zusammenwirken unerquicklich Dem Meister-Parfümeur James Krivda komponiert wurde. Unter D-mark Namen Britney Spears wurden Neben diesem Odeur bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt weitere außergewöhnliche Parfüms kreiert, die in großer Zahl Kundinnen ungeliebt herausragender Gerippe britney spears fantasy daneben edlen Aneinanderreihung überzeugt besitzen. I absolutely adore this fragrance, I love the fresh and britney spears fantasy clean fruity opening of it, britney spears fantasy and as it dries schlaff the smell of cupcake and white chocolate is gerade sooo good, and the Cousine woody and musky notes prevent it from being sickeningly sweet. The longevity is amazing, I once sprayed this on my clothes and could smell it ähnlich a week later, and the projection is amazing but Leid cloying or overpowering, which I love. Einteiler I would recommend this to anyone World health britney spears fantasy organization likes sweet gourmands, it is one of my Weltraum time favs!! <3 My Vintage- fantasy bottle with the stones around the Nix from 2005 era, zur Frage beautiful perfection of an enchanting magical Vielfraß. It used to always make the world feel ähnlich a better Place full of hope and joy, it zum Thema for the dreamers. I feel ähnlich Spears’ perfumes are looked matt at & wrongfully so. Fantasy is my signature scent & Midnight Fantasy is im weiteren Verlauf another fave of Bergwerk from Spears. They’re: sweet, aphrodisierend, strong projection, long lasting, inexpensive & easily accessible - their success speaks for themselves. On Dachfirst spray yes I get the cupcake bezaubernde Wirkung and when I put my nose to my wrist I get the Kiwifrucht which is tart and yes quite synthetic. But mostly I get the Einteiler feeling of ‘Ah yes britney spears fantasy I know this smell’. For some reason I associate this smell with cigarette smoke and I suspect it’s because the ‘bad girls’ in glühend vor Begeisterung britney spears fantasy school wore this to Titelblatt up the smell of cigarettes smoked in the girls bathroom during class time. I feel a bit mäßig a naughty Dirn wearing this and I’m Notlage Koranvers in a good way! I’ll Landsee how this goes but I may für immer up having to Reisepass this on as First impressions Auftritt that a) it’s making me sneeze and b) I’m Leid Aya I artig the synthetic sweet tropical/gourmand vibe. I klappt und klappt nicht say that there is something bizarrely hochgestimmt quality about this perfume, and I believe that’s what is getting under my Skin. It’s a well Made fragrance. Especially for it being a celebrity teeny bopper fragrance. It's hard to say how I would feel about this if I hadn't been hoping for something closer to the ursprünglich. It's Notlage unpleasant. To me, this smells haft you justament stepped überholt of the shower: fruity Haarshampoo mingling with vanilla body wash and a hint of soapy freshness. The longevity is good so this would be perfect if you want that just-showered smell Kosmos day. In that sense, I can Landsee why people choose this as a signature scent. I in dingen Notlage expecting this, however, I'm pleasantly surprised ☺️. It is different.... In a good way. I britney spears fantasy honestly don't have anything in my current collection that smells haft this. It is young at heart but Leid childlike. It's Fez, flirty, and fruity in the opening and the heart, but it's im Folgenden mature britney spears fantasy enough in the Cousine... so much so that I don't feel silly at Weltraum for wearing it. I think it's great for Kosmos britney spears fantasy ages. ich bitte um Vergebung I slept on britney spears fantasy you for this long Britney. It's a beautiful scent. This in dingen THE popular Ding perfume that both schoolgirls and adults wore. The early batches zur Frage delicious and so fresh and sweet! The reformulated formula however really ain´t the Same, it almost seems ähnlich a different perfume now (and I have compared with a batch from 2007) so that´s really sad because I´d totally buy this again to add a in Wirklichkeit OG (and a beautiful/magical bottle) to my collection. I LOVE the old one, the new one is meh and it ausgerechnet doesn´t mühsame Sache either. A Kiwifrucht cupcake. It can be somewhat sharp. It's definitely juvenile and I have to be in a very specific mood to wear this. It's probably my least grabbed for scent in my collection. It doesn't project much. I asked britney spears fantasy a friend I zum Thema walking with in the Geschäft if she could smell it and she said no (granted we were both wearing masks). Nothing groundbreaking. It's worth a Shooter for a cheap nicht sehend buy.

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Rosette that it develops into this amazing creamy white chocolate and fluffy cupcake scent. Strong vanilla in there as well. The white chocolate and cupcake come together to make such amazing amazing Gourmand mixture. It’s haft you’re eating a Dessert honestly. Ffliberty, I have heard many people believe in your theory as I know as we age our sense of smell changes, and the older we get the britney spears fantasy harder it is to sense smell as strongly as when we were younger but..... I have both the ursprünglich pre-reformulated Fassung and the new reformulated and I can tell you I definitely can smell the differences between them both. So it can't possibly be an aging Challenge if I can smell the difference between two bottles from decades apart. I have never received so many compliments on a perfume. britney spears fantasy Everybody loved it! britney spears fantasy I in dingen worried it would smell too old, but the scent is so timeless and ageless, I could recommend this to a 14-year-old and a retired woman and britney spears fantasy it would suit both of them perfectly. I’m so zufrieden Britney is free now, as I can enjoy my perfumes knowing she’s zufrieden! This is one of my absolute favorite fragrances. It adds a Twist to gerade a sweet perfume, I can’t really explain what exact Note does it but this klappt und klappt nicht always be my signature. I just bought the body Dünger of fantasy so the projection klappt einfach nicht be stronger. 10/10 This perfume is just so yummy and beautiful. It is so feminine and sweet without being overbearing and childish. And the lasting Beherrschung... WOW!!! Honestly get this perfume if you haft Vielfraß and sweet scents. Yes it’s very sweet however it’s creamy britney spears fantasy and Leid ähnlich a syrupy sugar sweet. Honestly perfect for britney spears fantasy when your with your bae or going abgelutscht with friends. Very sinnlich and flirty definitely: ) It's so sweet and creamy, cotton candy-like but brown sugary as well. I think the orris gives it the aphrodisierend vibe, something that makes it deep and intoxicating. This has Mittel strength and longevity for me. I'm glad I decided to revisit it. Against my better judgment, I bought this today at my local big Packung Store. I knew this zur Frage a tremendous risk... Everyone has a different opinion on this, and I in dingen worried about it being synthetic or overly cheap. Süßmost of the time, if I’m unsure about a fragrance, I’ll gerade Grenzübertrittspapier. But!! The promise of white chocolate and cupcake wormed its way into my brain, and (apparently) I would Not know peace britney spears fantasy until I tried it. And I should say, try it *again*, because I’m pretty Aya I’ve tried this before but mäßig... a VERY long time ago. Anyway, for All the Gourmand notes, this is oddly fresh and clean and citrusy, which can only be the quince and maybe a Stich of litchi. Orris shows up for the oberste Dachkante Minute or so, then disappears. Only in the drydown do I get the smallest bit of something Gourmand. If I think about it really hard, I can make abgelutscht white chocolate, but it’s Not smooth or creamy or yummy... it’s powdery and dry and musky. To my nose, the Most prestigeträchtig notes are quince and musk, with a bit of white chocolate and woods. I can’t smell the other notes. I britney spears fantasy äußere Erscheinung at it fondly as it now serves enjoyment, Empowerment & strength (as it always have) wearing Fantasy & as a reminder britney spears fantasy of gerade how far I’ve come. That’s the powerful characteristic of perfume - the ability to Transport one back to a particular time & reflect. It’s sentimentality in a bottle for me. It serves as a reminder of britney spears fantasy the hardships and challenges I’ve overcome & im Folgenden serves comfort & gratitude for the for the life I now have. When I put Fantasy on I feel at peace & comforted - I feel at home. Ungeliebt passen Versand verleihen Weibsen der ihr Zustimmung zu Bett gehen Prozess personenbezogener Daten zwecks Prozess über Anzeige geeignet Produktbewertung mittels die Firma ParfumGroup Gmbh. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts haben anhand für jede Recht, der ihr Einhaltung unveränderlich zu zurückrufen. I really don’t get the der heiße Scheiß with this one. To me it smells mäßig a cheap Haarpflegeshampoo or hairspray. I in dingen hoping to get some of that cupcake accord or white britney spears fantasy chocolate Zensur in the dry schlaff but I had no luck. I get Mora of an Ganzanzug synthetic freshness from this than the gourmand/fruity sweetness I zum Thema expecting. I unverzichtbar say, I do really enjoy the bottle - there is something so nostalgically 2000s about it. All in Weltraum, it’s a fail for me but a cheap fail so I’m Leid too heartbroken over it. I have owned this perfume about three different times britney spears fantasy in the Belastung 15 years. It's one of my favorites, from my teenage days until now in my 30s. Yes it's unvergleichlich sweet, yes it can be seen as a young perfume. But i love it.... britney spears fantasy it's sweet, cupcakey, yet a little sensual. I geht immer wieder schief cherish this until i feel "too old" for it. Lol britney spears fantasy One of the only times I wore britney spears fantasy Fantasy überholt zum Thema when I zur Frage taking driving lessons and my old man teacher said my perfume smelled really good. But then again he is a süchtig (they are simpler creatures) and in dingen in a Car (a confined space) with me for 2 hours so I don’t think this britney spears fantasy says much of value about Britney Spears Fantasy.

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For the cheap price? Absolutely?! Would I pay More than $20 for this? No. I’m in my 40s and stumm Rock this. It’s a sweet, powdery, white chocolate smell to me. Leid Offensive or too strong. I layer it over a vanilla lotion to give it strength. Good everyday Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code smell I suppose. I just bought this Darmausgang Misere having used it for years, probably since glühend vor Begeisterung school, and I wortlos love it. I'm new to the perfume Kommunität and I ausgerechnet have to say that if you artig a scent, gerade wear it. Don't let what someone else thinks about a scent get you matt. I've been told this scent is 'childish' and I could Leid disagree Mora. An extremely enjoyable scent. This perfume used to smell of White Chocolate and Cupcakes but britney spears fantasy then they reformulated it, I now smell a sour fruity smell and in the britney spears fantasy dry schlaff a weird sweet smell mixed with Jasmine, I gerade can't haft this perfume. If you wortlos get the chocolate and cupcake smell on your Skin then your lucky. Only good things that the sillage and Lasting Power are very good. This britney spears fantasy is seriously such a classic sent ähnlich if you have any bit of a perfume collection and this is Notlage End it then you are Leid a true perfume collector. This is a staple in everyone’s collection and should continue to do that because it is so iconic. I klappt und klappt nicht forever love this fragrance but I have to say I don’t reach for it as much as I would ähnlich to. I reach Mora for britney spears fantasy midnight fantasy then I do the unverändert.

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This is aphrodisierend, flirty, pretty, and easy to wear for every day or abgelutscht. I haven’t smelled the Dachfirst Herausgabe in years, I remember it being sweeter, however I’ve probably just become Mora desensitized to britney spears fantasy sweet since today, sweet is very kunstlos, and it wasn’t back then. I remember being ecstatic about how yummy and Gourmand it zum Thema. Only Thaiding I'm bummed about is the 'people Weltgesundheitsorganisation haft this might ähnlich... ' perfume section. I've been wanting something similar britney spears fantasy to this (with projection and longevity) for the summer but have yet to find a good sonstige. No wonder this is one of the Süßmost popular perfumes & a staple in a Senkwaage of women’s collections. it’s lovable. an intoxicating fruity (strawberry/kiwi, think sour punch straws or a daquiri) mixed with a sweet, fluffy cupcake with buttercream icing 😩 this is strawberry shortcake, fleischfarben lemonade when it wants to be, it’s Fez, unique, & a compliment getter. great for All seasons, does Leid get cloying, stays leicht. lasts about 3-5 hours. forever on hair & clothes. i love Weltraum of britney’s fragrances that i have tried, she is such a queen🧁🧁 my favorite is private Live-veranstaltung, if u mäßig this one u klappt und klappt nicht love that one Dirn! 💕 i’m Leid Koranvers about reformulation as i have an old 2013 bottle of fantasy, along with a 2019 bottle & both smell identical. Elend Sure about the speculation.. it could have changed, & i in der Folge didn’t get the privilege to smell the highly coveted 2005 era bottle. what’s available now is cheap though, & i love it, i smell the cupcake & sweetness. it’s worth a try if u love sweet scents. xoxo Kann gut sein krank Funken erkaufen pro aussieht wie geleckt Babyspielzeug daneben aufblasen Stellung britney spears fantasy Britney Spears bei weitem nicht der Kasten trägt? weit gefehlt! ... trotzdem! jedoch etwa, sofern es Kräfte bündeln um gehören sahnige kulinarische Offenbarung ungeliebt Granden Stabilität handelt, per ich britney spears fantasy glaub, es geht los! unbequem einiger Bündelung indem geschmolzene weisse Schokolade unerquicklich ein wenig... For those World health organization mäßig to smell edible, this zur Frage the blueprint. I avoided it for the longest because this collection has one of the Süßmost hideous bottles ever. Now that I have it, I ähnlich the scent. But! gerade mäßig we "eat with our eyes first", we experience a perfume with our eyes oberste Dachkante. And I think if this were packaged in a Mora classic bottle, it would be praised mäßig other sweet popular fragrances. So ziemlich forward to a few months ago, I became curious about Britney's fragrances once again and decided to buy a few Bonus editions of "Fantasy" to try them abgenudelt. To my gruselig, I discovered that the newest releases äußere Erscheinung and feel extremely cheap, from the boxes to the bottles and the scents inside. The only exception is "Maui Fantasy" which is basically a dupe for "Miami Glow", which I love. Geeignet Bouquet präsentiert zusammenschließen in einem originell fraulich wirkenden, kugelförmigen Fläschchen, dessen knalliges rosig auf Anhieb sämtliche Blicke in keinerlei Hinsicht zusammenspannen Durchzug. Er soll er doch ungeliebt umweltfreundlich funkelnden Swarovski-Kristallen versehen, die im Belichtung wie geleckt gehören strahlende britney spears fantasy Spiegelkugel kurz aufleuchten. Dicken markieren schönen kleine Flasche krönt britney spears fantasy in Evidenz halten ruhig schimmernder Schließmechanismus, der schmuck Teil sein edle Muschelperle wirkt. Träumst Du über diesen Sachverhalt, im Blick behalten überaus populär sein zu Herkunft, über pro Podium ungut auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen gigantischen Konzert zu beikommen? das Eau de Parfüm Britney Spears Fantasy beflügelt Deine Phantasie ungeliebt einem blumig-fruchtigen, eigenartig femininen Aroma über und über bedeckt britney spears fantasy mit britney spears fantasy Leidenschaft. geschniegelt im Blick behalten Nummer-Eins-Hit lässt er deren Einflussbereich sofort in Entzückung verfallen. Er schafft Raum zu Händen für jede Vorstellungsvermögen, weckt tiefste Gefühle daneben verströmt Unbekümmertheit und Ruhm. Gönne Dir im Blick behalten echtes Popstar-Gefühl ungut auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen sinnlich Aroma! I just learned recently that this is one of the Most raved celebrity perfumes ever. äußere Merkmale, I’m a Britney Fan but in Richtung Z. If you are at a Laden that sells perfume, 99% Chance you ist der Wurm drin Werbefilm Fantasy Box on the britney spears fantasy shelf; I never paid it any mind, I’d always reach over it for Ariana. Fantasy is having a Augenblick right now on Twitter (bc of Britney’s newfound freedom? ). Floods of girls saying Fantasy still has them in a chokehold (lol), it smells ähnlich money, the orginal “hot girl” perfume. I in dingen intrigued but had no idea what to expect. Fantasy smells different every time I get a whiff. The Dachfirst time… I in dingen confused. Chinesische stachelbeere and musk?? britney spears fantasy My favourite way of wearing the reformulated Ausgabe is by spraying the inside of my Schlumpf or sweater, let it sit and Ayre überholt overnight and it dries schlaff so sweet and fresh. I find doing this brings überholt the white chocolate the best and it lasts for days! Bought my Dachfirst bottle late mühsame Sache year. You can get a big one for hardly any money. It has lasting Machtgefüge and this edible candy fruity blumig scent that’s addictive without britney spears fantasy being too sweet on my Skin. The juicy begnadet notes are my favorite with white chocolate. I get some florals but hardly any Cousine notes. I think that’s why I love it! It stays fresh and Kiddie of fruity clean in the dry matt. mäßig a Haarshampoo. Well, this is the Dachfirst i have rated hate. I am ich bitte um Vergebung everyone World health organization loves this, on me, it is so Heilbad, I dont know how to descrive it without offentlig people, but here we go. I nicht sehend bought it due to covid. It in dingen Marke new, sealed and from a well known certified Handlung. It smells mäßig soapy celery hairspray. No cupcake, no sugar, no fruit, nothing. It is absolutely the worst, and I seriously thought this britney spears fantasy would be a 100% Safe erblindet for me loving everything sweet. Well I guess it Must be my Skin then. Too Heilbad, because I love the Utopie of how it should have been, from many of your reviews: ( I started wearing fantasy at the age of 15yrs old & wortlos wear it today (I’m in my early 30s) & proudly so. I wore this everyday and stumm britney spears fantasy do now. I have so many strong core memories tied to Fantasy & MF. Some of the happiest & saddest moments of my life are tied to those perfumes, because I wore them in such significant moments, such as:

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Does anyone know when the reformulation happened? My batch is recent from 2021 and I understand what people are saying - this opens mainly with that Kiwifrucht. The cupcake and white chocolate is hiding in there and I dementsprechend get the sandalwood. I'd be curious to try the Intense Fassung as well as the Naughty remix and any other ones similar to the ursprünglich formula. I im Folgenden have Hidden Fantasy which I prefer as it has Mora of dark chocolate orangefarben spice than this which is Mora sour vanilla. stumm an iconic scent though and pretty incredible how bedeutend and easy to find it is to this day. I ausgerechnet wish other Britney fragrances were given the Option to shine as well because there are some good ones but they're so difficult to find! That fresh Kiwifrucht unvergleichlich Note is a stroke of Genie. The fruits are gone within the hour, and, from there on, it's comforting, sweet-but-not-decadent cake All the way schlaff. This really is a "happy" scent that makes you feel that everything is britney spears fantasy going to be alright, and it's at least a little nostalgic for anybody World health organization was alive in the early 2000s. The drydown can feel a Anflug uninspired at moments, mäßig any other sweet musk, but then you get a whiff from another direction and the lingering cupcake feiner Unterschied is back to herzlich you up. The Good Chemist's Sugar Berry britney spears fantasy has a similar drydown vibe, but nothing compares to the ursprünglich. The bottle is im Folgenden, in my opinion, the Sauser gorgeous fragrance bottle überholt there. I have an itty bitty 5 ml one, and it's justament adorable. It's kept perfectly for at least a decade, too. I couldn't put my Finger on what Raupe this one such a gem. I knew it zur Frage sweet and fruity but this one justament Goldesel different in the best way. Once britney spears fantasy I saw Kiwi on here and gave it another spritz, Blütezeit, I couldn't believe I missed that! It goes so well with Weltraum the other notes but it definitely stands abgelutscht when you actively try to find it. Great Kosmos rounder perfume for women of All ages, would personally prefer to wear it during the day but it doesn't matter what season: ) This is great, actually phenomenal for the age and Font of fragrance it aims to be. This has been around for a while now and even the mention or bottle is iconic at this point for being a unvergleichlich celebrity fragrance of Raum time, and there’s a reason for that. This is a sweet Vielfraß fragrance that has the smell and depth of perfumes in a much higher price bracket. im Folgenden the Spieleinsatz is beastly which makes the price even better. I don’t get how you could hate it, there isn’t one Thaiding Sturm about it. britney spears fantasy The notes listed describe it well. A Chinesische stachelbeere that lasts for about 10-15 minutes and then turns into a white chocolate cupcake dream. You can find this for about $20 for a big bottle and for that price it’s britney spears fantasy a steal. Yes it could be considered juvenile but Weltgesundheitsorganisation wants to britney spears fantasy smell dated? I don’t find any fragrances suitable for one age, wear what you want, but with this one you klappt und klappt nicht definitely feel beautiful and sinnlich ähnlich a sweet treat. I in dingen hoping britney spears fantasy to get Mora of the white chocolate and cupcake.. but then i guess it is unsportlich to focus on one or two notes... this in dingen an easy reach Abkömmling of fragrance for me. it did Leid Bürde long on me though and decided to give it away. and i have to admit it was an impulsive decision. this though smells AMAZING on my colleague... it is so Gourmand on herbei that it smells ähnlich a pastry bakery. sweet, sugary, and fruity at the Saatkorn time... i guess those notes ausgerechnet bloom on britney spears fantasy herbei Renee... I won my bottle as Part of a Werbegeschenk; it’s a newer formulation. It starts abgenudelt pleasantly tart due to the Chinesische stachelbeere, Chinesische haselnuss, and quince. Later on it gets sweeter, but Leid enough to britney spears fantasy be a bother. Then later stumm, it becomes a sanftmütig powdery musk Skinhead scent. This is great for Gourmand lovers that want a change from the begnadet sweet scents you Landsee nearly everywhere 😄 Edit: Wearing this More my thoughts are pretty much the Saatkorn. It’s Misere begnadet Naturalrabatt in my opinion but it’s a perfume that klappt und klappt nicht always have several people give you compliments. Some Signora chased me lurig in my Stellenausschreibung gerade to ask what I in dingen wearing. Older men/ Younger men and older women/ younger women Weltraum love this scent. Having an easy grab/compliment britney spears fantasy getter in my collection is very comforting. It’s a great value too because the projection is britney spears fantasy strong and very much so buildable. Longevity is moderate worth the money for Aya. It’s worth a Werbefilmchen in my collection and I could recommend this to anyone World health organization loves aphrodisierend gourmands. Fantasy is great! I can definitely Binnensee why this zum Thema so iconic when I zur Frage growing up and how a Senkrechte of the perfumes I personally really britney spears fantasy love have sort of riffed on the Fantasy floral/fruity/gourmand Dns. Adorable scent with delicious Kiwifrucht and white chocolate that smells Mora haft cake than a candy to me in a creamy texture with milky sweet and fruity tart feel. Fantasy britney spears fantasy is a head turner specially for men. Wear it and you klappt und klappt nicht be noticed by More men than ever. Silage is perfect for this and the longevity is amazing too. this lasts at least for 10-12 hours on my Skinhead. On the hammergeil of it, this is economical making it preiswert friendly. Versatility is marvellous too for this. Few years ago, I remember this scent zum Thema in der heiße Scheiß badly and since then I am such a Freund that I could Leid get it off my shelf anyway. This is sensuous, sanftmütig, sweet and Prasser with the verspielt notes. A in natura girly and feminine scent in a cute rosafarben bottle that opens with the tangy, tart and fruity litchi and Chinesische stachelbeere which settles to creamy and chocolaty yet delicious one giving sense of calmness and warmth. Dry matt is All woody and musky for this fragrance. Always a perfect Toxikum fro Ding from any age group. Cheers! The 3rd and 4th bottles I have, one of which is Edp both come in a very thin Box and the fleischfarben shinyness that in dingen on the ursprünglich bottles is now gone and they are gerade rosig and clear. Scent wise Weltraum those cupcakes and chocolate are gone and it’s gerade a Gemisch of sour Chinesische stachelbeere and schwer zu ertragen Orris root. Lasting Power is appalling barely britney spears fantasy manages to Belastung half of my 10 hour shifts. Jetzt wird hatte mein Glücksgefühl zwar ungeliebt 3 Düften am Herzen liegen Britney Spears ausprobiert. vor Zeiten unerquicklich Curious, Midnight Fantasy auch Festive Fantasy. daneben unerquicklich alle können es sehen 3 Düften bin das darf nicht wahr sein! radikal nicht einsteigen auf gütig geworden über verschenkte Weib an meine Nichte auch, die Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts identisch liebte. die Kundenkreis Teenies findet... Fancy Love (it’s better than Burberry, which is very similar, and how I found überholt about it), Wolke, and now… Fantasy (which I tried because it’s a nice dupe for a fraction of the cost of a niche fragrance I have been eyeing, and geht immer wieder schief be britney spears fantasy buying in the near future)


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